Tami Roman Says She Should Have Defended David Edwards + Responds to His Daughter

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Apologies were made.

Tami Roman and David Edwards haven’t really been able to move on from the blanket incident. In fact, many “The Real World: Los Angeles” fans have been debating that night since 93. So it was expected that it would be discussed when the cast reunited to film “The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles.”

Not too long after the cast arrived back at the house, producers showed them the scene to discuss years later. However, they were also shown never before seen raw footage as well. They saw David break down while talking to the producers. He feared his life would be ruined after he was compared to a r*pist. Irene Berrera and Beth Stolarczyk apologized to David for bringing up the word r*pe in that instance. David and Tami also apologized to each other.

Tami Roman has regrets about the blanket incident.

Tami talked about this in a recent YouTube video. She felt like she should have spoken up for David back then.

“Another thing I’m grateful for is David specifically said and understands and knows that I never used the r*pe word. And I’m glad clarity was made for that because I’ve never once called David a r*pist. Ever.” She continued, “As I’ve said in my first video, I’m guilty for allowing that word to continue. But it never came out of my mouth. And I have should have spoken up and said, ‘Now guys, it ain’t no d*mn r*pe.’” I should have said that and I did not because I was so angry and so mad at the situation and what I was dealing with mentally that I was just dealing with my sh*t.”

David’s daughter Davanna was happy to hear that David received apologies. But she also told David that she didn’t like the way Tami handled things back then. And Tami hurt his career.

In response to this, Tami said, “Now she did say she didn’t like how I handled it. Girl, me neither. But I don’t like how a lot of things were handled in that particular situation. I mean if you talked to my daughter, she would probably say, ‘Well, I didn’t like the fact that he even pulled the covers.'” She added, “So everybody’s gonna have their outlook on one thing that happened.”

Check out the video here.

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