LAMH Recap: La’Berrick Filed for Divorce 3 Weeks After Child’s Birth + Melody Feels Trapped

LAMH Season 3 Episode 21
Photo Credit: OWN

During part 2 of the “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” reunion, Martell seemingly dodges the question Carlos asked about who he would have married. Marsau then reveals that he met Martell’s former mistress. This leads to both Maurice and Marsau revealing that they told Martell he needed to leave her alone.

At the end of the tough questioning from Carlos, Melody goes off and vents in her dressing room. She’s sick of the lies and really wants to leave Huntsville for good. However, Martell is holding her back.

Meanwhile, Carlos digs into questions after Destiny joins the cast. Through his questioning, Destiny reveals when La’Berrick filed for divorce.

Next, the Whitlows join the cast and they face hard questioning of their own, specifically from the cast who feel Louis and Tiffany weren’t transparent. This leads to tense back and forth between Louis and Marsau. Kimmi and Maurice also maintain their displeasure of Tiffany talking about their son Monster. Interestingly enough, Martell jumps to their defense.

Here’s the recap for, “Reunion: Part 2.”

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