Zell Swag Takes Another Shot at Masika Kalysha + Mimi Faust Puts Zell on Blast

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The drama will ensue on season 2 of “VH1: Family Reunion.”

“Love And Hip Hop” fans were able to see different casts come together for one show thanks to “VH1: Family Reunion.” On the first season, “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans seemed to get some closure. Scrappy and Erica Dixon have clashed for years. They had a nasty breakup. Co-parenting was tough between them. Erica even said that Scrappy wouldn’t talk to her outside of text messages. Plus, she couldn’t get along with Bambi either. Erica and Scrappy’s daughter was sick of all the fighting. So Momma Dee pushed Scrappy to hash things out with Erica. Interestingly enough, Bambi and Erica hashed things out first. Eventually, Scrappy softened. He and Erica talked out their issues as well. While things ended on a positive note, Erica would later confirm that the peace didn’t actually last.

From the previews released for season 2 of “VH1: Family Reunion,” there will be plenty of drama to go around. Cyn Santana and Erica Mena have a heated conversation after Erica was accused of creating a fake Instagram page to troll Cyn. Plus, Peter Gunz and Cisco Rosado aren’t on the best of terms either. Peter suspects Cisco and Amina Buddafly hooked up.

Interestingly enough, the cast got a little messy while promoting the new season, too. Zell Swag took more shots at Masika Kalysha, but Mimi Faust’s comments about Zell have people talking, too.

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