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‘Insecure’ Recap: Issa Ponders a Tough Decision + Taurean Supports Molly

Insecure Season 5 Episode 8

Photo Credit: HBO

Nathan’s ready for him and Issa to move in together.

Issa and Nathan are waking up in bed together. As they wake up, Issa opens up to Nathan about Tiffany moving to Denver. Nathan tells Issa that it’s just one more place for her to visit.

In the bathroom, Issa walks in as Nathan’s brushing his teeth and taking his medication. He brings up how he’s going to end up leaving more clothes over and asks if they should move in together. Issa ponders and they both agree to think about it.

Later on, Issa’s assistant is passing out flyers at the entrance of her art walk at Leimert Park. Her investor Seth is impressed with the event and tells Issa to expect to be hearing from them soon regarding funding. She then runs into a woman who’s very appreciative of her hosting the event while she was on her way to a “bridge.”

Issa’s Artwalk leads to an offer from NBW.

Nathan and his cousin stop by the art walk and they run into Issa. As Issa and Nathan exchange a kiss, Kelli, Molly, and her brother watch on and tease Issa. Molly vents about having to deal with her parent’s estate planning.

Next, Crenshawn comes by apologetic to Issa. Issa’s surprised by the change of heart and seemingly ponders the decision.

Back at her apartment, Issa gets a gets an email from the investors and they are willing to drop a lot of money on BLOCC. A montage scene ensues where her organization expanded and she is doing a panel discussion in front of hundreds and flying first class. She runs into Ty Dolla Sign who’s also flying back to LA and is working with Crenshawn.

Nathan’s career also expanded to within the montage. The two of them also moved to West Hollywood. Issa then snaps out of her dream. She’s still in the bathroom and she gets a text from Crenshawn showing his location.

Meanwhile, Kelli and Molly are meeting with Molly’s parents about their estate planning. Molly’s father had to borrow against his 401k to pay for his wife’s medical expenses. Molly’s father is overwhelmed about all of this but Molly tells him they can take this one step at a time.

Crenshawn apologizes and offers a proposal of his own.

Later on, Crenshawn does his best to convince Issa to support his inspiration with a storefront and event space. He got Issa to come by the space. A montage of sorts ensues where Issa decides to go into business with Crenshawn and things expand with her. Even though NBW found another person to invest in, she gets a key to the City of Inglewood and had August 12th declared as Issa Dee Day.

A downside to this dream, she’s still in her apartment and is still a property manager there. Suddenly, Nathan turns into Lawrence, scaring her.

In the evening, Kelli and Molly were able to get her parents to get their will and estate plan written down. Feeling relieved, Molly heads to her car and cries. Her crying is stopped when Taurean calls. She opens up to Taurean and he’s okay with it and offers to be a listening ear. He’s supportive after she tells him she doesn’t feel like hanging out.

Issa realizes she has a tough decision to make.

Meanwhile, in her bathroom, Issa’s talking to her conscience about why Lawrence landed in her fantasy. It’s concluded she has a tough decision to make. Molly calls and Issa opens up to her about needing to make some decisions. Molly tells her there isn’t a right decision and there isn’t a wrong decision. Surprisingly, Taurean had a bottle of wine and wings delivered to Molly in light of how she was feeling.

Meanwhile, the daydreams continue. And Issa can’t stop thinking about Lawrence even though she’s supposed to be in love with Nathan.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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