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Lauren Williams Responds as Fans Speculate She Has Romantic Feelings for Dennis McKinley

Photo Credit: Bravo

Lauren Williams doesn’t see Dennis McKinley as a romantic prospect.

On the recent episode of “Porsha’s Family Matters,” Lauren Williams made some interesting decisions for the retreat. Not only did she get Dennis McKinley’s Versace robe back from Porsha Williams, but she also used it as a way to get him to attend. Of course, this did not sit well with Porsha. But Lauren continued to keep her sister’s well-being in mind. So she put Dennis in the same hotel suite as her. Her reasoning was that she needed to keep a close eye on Dennis. And she wanted to make sure he didn’t bring another woman to Mexico.

There was also a playful moment between Lauren and Dennis. He jokingly threw her into the swimming pool. Both have said they have a close relationship. They see each other as brother and sister despite Porsha and Dennis’ messy breakup.

Well, some fans of the show have been wondering if there’s a bit more going on between Lauren and Dennis. And they think it could be a romantic connection between them. This was something that they discussed on Twitter quite a bit last night.

Lauren is not a fan of the speculation. So she responded when blogger The Bravo Shaderoom tweeted about Lauren and Dennis having cute chemistry. And she told the blogger they “tried it.”

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