Martell Holt’s Former Mistress Gives LaTisha Scott a Warning

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Arionne Curry calls out LaTisha Scott.

Carlos King decided to host the latest reunion for “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” For Carlos, it was important to ask the tough questions fans wanted to be answered. So Martell Holt and Melody Holt were both put in the hot seat. Martell’s former mistress Arionne Curry was discussed.

Marsau Scott revealed that Martell did bring Arionne around. In fact, he said the first time he saw her with him was when they partied in Atlanta. Maurice Scott would later admit to Kimmi Scott that he was at the club that night as well. For Kimmi and LaTisha Scott, this wasn’t cool. They felt their husbands should have immediately left the club when they figured out who Arionne was. But Maurice felt like he would have more ‘influence” staying there and telling Martell he was crossing the line.

Well, Arionne wasn’t feeling what was said on part 3 of the reunion. After Marsau posted a photo of that night to his Instagram account, she responded on her Instagram Story.

She wrote, “Some sh*t I don’t speak on, I know a lot, but when you speak on me, I speak on you. You could’ve said I don’t want to discuss Arionne! But you used me to be relevant because y’all ain’t got sh*t else to talk about.”

Arionne also gave LaTisha a warning. “I’ll spare you tonight Marsau you came correct a lil bit, but tell yo wife watch her mouth before I hurt her feelings.”

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