LaTisha Scott, Marsau Scott & Miss Wanda Respond to Martell Holt’s Former Mistress

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Miss Wanda and the Scotts respond to Arionne Curry’s Instagram jabs.

Arionne Curry is tired of being discussed on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” And she can’t understand why fans expect her and Martell Holt to be together now that he’s officially divorced. To no surprise, she hasn’t had the best history with Melody Holt. But now she may end up clashing with Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott as well.

After Marsau posted a photo from the men partying in Atlanta the night they first saw Arionne, things got even messier. Arionne hopped on Instagram and said that Marsau’s comments at the reunion were fine. But she seemingly didn’t like what LaTisha had to say. In fact, she threatened to hurt LaTisha’s feelings via an Instagram Story if LaTisha doesn’t watch her mouth.

Well, LaTisha responded on Instagram. When someone brought up Arionne’s warning to her, LaTisha said her marriage is just fine. She wrote, “The question is why is it Martell or his girls with information on my marriage ?  ?  ? . We good over here!!!”

As for Maurice Scott, he wants Arionne to show some receipts when she makes accusations about him. He wrote, “Don’t type me to death! Name Names!” He continued, “You don’t know me and I definitely don’t know you. #lamh #fametour”

Marsau also doubts that Arionne can provide any receipts of anything involving them. He told an Instagram user, “You think that if she had something on any one of us she would’ve held it? ?  ?  ?  ? ”

He added, “She’s the sweet young lady who used to work at the club we went to. Bless her heart.”

Miss Wanda responded when an Instagram user brought up the warning to LaTisha from Arionne. “They have been saying this for the last past three years. Show me some receipts❗️ Where is the receipts boo❗️❗️ Yesssss that part.” Wanda also responded when someone else said Arionne is about to hurt LaTisha’s feelings. “Tisha’s feelings are harder than foundation let her take her best shot❗️❗️ Period boo. Sweetheart, I’m here for it all boo girl yes that part❗️”

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