‘Insecure’ Recap: Lawrence and Nathan Clash

Insecure Season 5 Episode 9 Out Okay
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Issa and Nathan go apartment shopping.

Issa and Nathan are with their realtor looking at an apartment and they seem to be happy about the space. However, their mood changes immediately when they learn the apartment was rented out minutes prior. 

Meanwhile, Molly and Taurean meet with their colleagues when he tells them he was made partner at the firm. Molly hugs him and things get awkward. When they walk away in opposite directions, their colleagues ask one another if they’re sleeping with one another. Lawrence is also contemplating not attending Derek and Tiffany’s going away party because Issa’s showing up. His boy Chad is surprised because Lawrence didn’t fight to keep Issa. 

Issa and Nathan run into Condola and Lawrence.

Eventually, it’s time for the party, and Issa and Nathan show up together. When they run into Derek, Kelli, and Tiffany; it comes out that Issa and Nathan are planning on moving in with one another. Molly and Taurean show up later and Molly introduces him to the friend circle. Things get awkward when he reveals he brought edibles. Despite this, Molly agrees to take one with him. 

Later on, Condola and Lawrence show up with their son. Issa sees them and ends up burning her mouth on a hot Mac n Cheese ball. Nathan notices too and instantly becomes uncomfortable. 

While Tiffany and Derek make a speech thanking their friends, Dro shows up. Next, Nathan joins a group at the party centered around Derek and things seemingly get awkward. Taurean’s high asking about barbecue as Lawrence and Nathan have a subtle face-off. Inside, Issa, Molly, and Kelli learn Tiffany is returning for Molly’s birthday. During the conversation, Issa notices Molly might be high. Kelli slaps her and Molly ends up admitting to taking edibles with Taurean. 

Things get tense when Condola walks in with the baby. Issa and Condola have a short but awkward conversation themselves. Molly ends up having a conversation of her own when she runs into Dro. Dro’s divorced and Molly knows. Taurean walks over and Molly opens up about her past with Dro and Tauren is very cool with it. However, Nathan begins to get cold towards Issa after his talk with Lawrence. On the other hand, Condola’s happy she ran into Issa. She didn’t want things to remain awkward with her. 

Nathan and Lawrence clash.

When Nathan heads outside the party to pass one of his partners’ keys to the barbershop, Nathan lets him know he didn’t appreciate running into Lawrence. However, he didn’t leave or set things off. 

Later on, Molly and Taurean find a gold mine of appetizers and dig in. One of the caterers runs in and they go hide in a pantry. Molly opens up while in the pantry about how she messed up things in the past with her exes. Taurean says he’s not going to get tired of her and actually hated her at first. The two end up getting it in inside the pantry. Meanwhile, Issa runs into Lawrence and they finally talk. He asks why she called and Issa said it was a mistake. 

Lawrence opens up and says he loves her and he isn’t happy when he isn’t with her. Issa tries to tell Lawrence this isn’t the time or place for all of this but it’s too late when Nathan walks over. A scuffle ensues as Taurean and Molly walked out of the pantry and Taurean grabs Lawrence before things worsen. 

Molly then asks Issa if she’s okay as Issa tries to run after Nathan. 

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