Erica Dixon Receives Backlash for Controversial Tweet

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Erica Dixon caused a stir on social media recently.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Erica Dixon had plenty of controversial moments on the show. Most fans came to know her thanks to her on and off romance with Scrappy. Although Scrappy proposed and they seemed to have hit their stride, the engagement didn’t work out. Erica accused Scrappy of being unfaithful. So they had a messy breakup. He would eventually end up marrying Bambi. Fans have seen their failures at peaceful co-parenting play out on the show. Things got so bad that Erica and Scrappy were only communicating through text messages. Momma Dee urged the adults to fix their issues because it was impacting Scrappy and Erica’s daughter. They seemed to hash it all out at “VH1: Family Reunion.” However, Erica would later tell her supporters that she’s back on bad terms with Bambi and Scrappy.

And Erica has no problem making her feelings known about Scrappy and Bambi on social media. She’s honestly tired of being linked to them after all these years.

Well, Erica is having a controversial moment on social media. Hours ago, she penned some thoughts that have some on social media accusing her of being ignorant and homophobic.

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