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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Tati Responds After Some Fans Say Her Getting Jumped Was Karma

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Tati was jumped and didn’t receive much sympathy on social media.

Black Ink Crew” star Tati is no stranger to drama on the show. Her romance with Teddy turned messy. Although he said he wanted to be serious with her, he was turned off when Tati thought he was entertaining other women. In particular, Tati thought he had something going on with Krystal. So Teddy ended the romance. They would later have a heated moment again when Teddy learned Tati was dating a tattoo artist from another Black Ink shop. He wanted to fire her. Teddy and Tati eventually learned to be cordial despite their past. And Teddy has moved on to a committed relationship with a woman named Euni.

Tati also had an explosive fallout with Miss Kitty. Kitty had close friendships with Tati, Donna, and Young Bae. However, Sky would reveal that she read on a blog that Kitty hooked up with Ryan. Kitty said this wasn’t true. However, Tati told Ceaser that Kitty actually told her about the hookup.

Ceaser got upset and decided he no longer wanted to work with Kitty. So he fired her. Kitty directed her anger towards Tati. She felt betrayed. And the two women came to blows at the Black Ink prom.

Interestingly enough, Kitty and some fans of the show didn’t seem so sympathetic after Tati revealed she was jumped recently. And she had something to say in response to those who felt it was her karma.

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