Simon Guobadia Speaks Out Amid Backlash for His Comments to Aunt Liz

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Porsha Williams has been receiving backlash over her actions on her spinoff show.

Porsha’s Family Matters” was supposed to answer all the questions people had about Porsha Williams’ current engagement. When Porsha confirmed her romance to Simon Guobadia, a lot of people took to social media to be critical. In their opinion, it just seemed messy. Porsha and Falynn Guobadia were friendly on the show. In fact, Falynn was introduced as a friend of Porsha. So many believed Porsha violated the girl code. However, Porsha would later say that she and Falynn were never friends. She didn’t cause Simon and Falynn’s divorce. And the relationship didn’t start until Falynn and Simon broke up. Despite this, many continued to speculate. So “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans expected to get a more intimate look at the relationship on Porsha’s new show. However, the drama seemed to be centered around Dennis McKinley, as well as Mama Gina.

To no surprise, the season finale is a hot topic on social media. Not only did Porsha and Dennis clash over co-parenting, but Simon had an interesting scene with Aunt Liz.

Simon Guobadia’s comments made to Aunt Liz were also controversial.

In the scene, Simon attended the grand opening of the new Hosea Williams headquarters. Porsha wasn’t able to attend because she said PJ had to be hospitalized. PJ’s tonsils were removed. And she was badly dehydrated.

When Simon greeted Aunt Liz, he said, “I’ve started to let Porsha know that she’s Hosea Williams’ granddaughter. You guys need to start showing some respect and treating his granddaughter better.”

Well, Aunt Liz wasn’t feeling Simon’s comments. In her green screen interview, she said, “Excuse me, what did you say? Gentleman, you the one that needs to be worried about treating her better. That’s your job. We treat her really good in this family.”


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Simon received a lot of backlash on social media for this scene. Hours ago, he released a statement. He said his comments were “taken out of context.”

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