Kimmi Scott Responds to Backlash for Seemingly Agreeing Martell Holt’s Mistress Needs Gag Order

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Kimmi Scott and Maurice Scott address the interview Martell Holt’s mistress did with Tasha K.

Fans of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” had a lot to say about Arionne Curry’s interview. She decided to open up to Tasha K about her past with Martell Holt. Plus, she addressed her issues with Melody Holt. And she is not willing to apologize to Melody for her longtime affair with Martell. Interestingly enough, the Holts weren’t the only ones discussed. Arionne also accused Maurice Scott and Marsau Scott of cheating.

To no surprise, the interview went viral on social media. Kimmi Scott seemingly agreed with a fan who said that Martell needs to file a gag order against Arionne. Some fans felt Kimmi was out of line. And Arionne should be allowed to speak her “truth.”

Kimmi and Maurice Scott recently addressed Arionne’s interview during a recent Instagram Live session. They were promoting the fact that LAMH will now be shown on Hulu as well as its home network, OWN. A fan asked what their thoughts were on Arionne’s interview. Maurice said, “You know what, I saw a question and they asked if I saw the Taska K interview with Martell’s other baby momma? And what I can say is I have some information that I just ran across today is that Tasha K is being sued by Cardi B right now so that was interesting.”

Kimmi Scott responded to the backlash.

Kimmi addressed the backlash she received for seemingly liking an Instagram comment that said Martell should file a gag order against Arionne.

“It’s weird how you just can’t say stuff out your mouth that you don’t know to be true. And you know a lot of people say, ‘Oh Kimmi, y’all don’t want her to speak her truth.’ Speak it if you like because it can land you in a lot of trouble if it’s not true…if it’s not true. So since I’m not a part of that lawsuit, I ain’t got nothing to say. It’s just, keep it one hundred. And before you get on social media, TV, Youtube talking bout what you think you know; maybe reach out to the people you’re about to talk about and ask maybe if it’s true or not because it can land you in trouble if you speak on people and it’s not true.”

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  1. Kimmie was correct. Arrionne understood the assignment when she took it. Her job was to drop it low, spread it wide… & LRRP HER MOUTH SHUT unless of course she was with “Motel” Holt 💋🍆

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