‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Moves Continue to Be Made Without Tariq’s Knowledge

power book 2 ghost season 2 episode 9

Tate is up next.

Tariq is still having nightmares. During his most recent one, Kanan and others blame him for their deaths. Milgram appears. Tariq says her death was ruled a suicide. But Milgram’s ghost tells Tariq it’s his fault she’s dead. She holds a cell phone in her hand and it rings, with the caller ID saying Ghost. Milgram tells Tariq to answer the phone. He awakens to see Maclean is calling. Maclean tells Tariq that the DA Sullivan is having Tate testify next.

As for Tate, his brother Kamaal informs him there is a woman who claims to have witnessed Jabari’s murder. But her story keeps changing. And she said she saw two men at the scene of the crime. 

Zeke still isn’t talking to Monet. But he texts Mecca/Dante saying he wants them to meet up alone. Mecca promises Monet that he will say something to make Zeke want to speak to her.

The robbery enrages Lorenzo.

After Milgram is found dead, Tariq’s class is canceled. Tate warns Tariq that he will need actual proof of Congressman Sweeney’s blackface photo if Tariq doesn’t want his testimony to be an issue.

Chef’s death leads to Mecca promoting Cane to his second in command. So that means Cane must move into Mecca’s house and keep an eye on their surroundings at all times. Lorenzo is heated after Cane tells him Mecca was robbed and the product is gone.

Dru comes clean to Lorenzo about the robbery and admits Monet never stopped working with Tariq. So the drugs could be at Stansfield. The robbery was revenge for being cut out. To make things right with Lorenzo, Dru has to get the drugs back.

Sullivan continues to feel the pressure.

On the day Tate takes the stand, Tariq hands over the photo of Sweeney and Brayden’s dad. Sullivan questions Tate about Tariq. He says his brother Kamaal told him that a witness said they saw two men at the scene of Jabari’s murder. Maclean accuses prosecutors of withholding evidence from the court, and Sullivan is given 48 hours to turn in all evidence. If anything violates ethics, the case will be dismissed. 

Dante meets up with Zeke. He suggests Zeke just focuses on his career and he can get him a private coach to help him get to the next level. All Zeke has to do is agree to talk to Monet.

Dru will need Diana’s help to get the drugs back from Tariq. Diana has an idea where the drugs are on the rooftop, but she’ll need the QR code from Tariq. Dru will have to contact Everett to get access to campus.

Monet tries to make things right with Zeke.

Zeke meets with Monet at Dante’s home. Monet explains she was 16 when she got pregnant with Zeke. It was decided to have her sister adopt him and raise him once Dante got locked up. Everyone thought it was best for Zeke since Monet was so young. And she denies killing Milgram. Dante says she was with him around the time of Milgram’s death.  At this point, Zeke decides to just focus on his career. He wants nothing to do with Monet or Dante.

Sullivan meets with Brayden and Trace. The audio of Brayden talking to Lauren and Cane is played. Brayden lies. He says he didn’t know who Cane was until he met him during that moment. Trace says Brayden has been around Cane multiple times. And Cane sells drugs with Tariq. Sullivan will give immunity to Trace and Brayden if one of them testifies. 

Diana and Dru have success. 

Later, Brayden asks Tariq how things went in court. Tariq talks about Tate destroying the prosecution when he was on the stand. This is when Brayden asks if Tariq gave Tate that photo. Tariq said he had no choice because he’s in serious trouble. Brayden storms off. 

Dru and Diana pull off their plan. Diana is able to take a screenshot of the QR code from Tariq’s phone. And Dru steals Everett’s ID card so they can get on campus. So they easily take all the drugs. 

While Zeke is in the middle of a press conference with his agent, a report accuses him of lying about his age. His agent tells him if this is true, he can forget playing for the Sacramento Kings. 

Lauren learns she is in danger.

After Lauren tells Tariq she was told by Milgram that it was Brayden they were investigating, Tariq learns that Lauren has been around Cane. He tells her she needs to run and he’s going to help her escape because her life is now in danger.

Monet and Dante are trying to hash things out with Zeke on a basketball court when a car speeds up and starts shooting at them. They all survive with no injuries. And Dante wonders if Lorenzo is behind the attack. 

Tariq ends up telling Effie that Lauren wore a wire and there’s audio of her conversation with Cane and Brayden. Even though he doesn’t think Lauren will be a threat to them, Effie doesn’t trust her. So she tells Cane about the audio. He meets with Brayden and says Lauren has to die. Brayden either does it or Cane will kill him. 

Sullivan hands Brayden her card. If he testifies against Cane, he can keep Trace from taking the stand. 

It’s time for a fresh start.

Tariq and the estate attorney Daniel drive to the home of Yasmine’s new family. Tariq looks on through the window, realizing Yas will be better off without him.

Monet is convinced it’s Lorenzo who leaked the age story about Zeke to the media and set up the recent drive by shooting. Dante believes he, Monet, and Zeke can just hop on his jet and start a new life on an island somewhere. But Monet wants to kill Lorenzo because she doesn’t want to leave her other children.

Brayden and Effie have a conversation about “the game.” Effie feels Brayden made the conscious choice to be in the game. So he has to man up and do things he doesn’t want to do at times.

Tariq receives interesting information about Mecca.

Mecca pulls a gun out on Cane. He says he knows Cane is behind the recent robbery. But what he won’t accept is his bag with the engagement ring being stolen as well. He goes out to look for Tariq and the bag. Cane uses this time to warn Tariq that Mecca is coming for him. He also tells Monet that Mecca has figured it all out. She asks Cane to text a picture of Mecca to her. 

While Brayden is parked outside of Lauren’s parents’ house regretting what he has to do, he receives a text from Tariq. Tariq wants him to pick Lauren up from her parents’ place so she can be safe. 

Tariq finds a document on Dante Spears. He calls Maclean who confirms that Dante/Mecca is a big-time informant. And he’s a very dangerous man. 

Tariq makes a deal with Mecca.

Dante is waiting on Tariq when he makes it to this dorm room. Tariq calls him a snitch. And he demands Mecca gives him $2 million or his location is given to those who want to find him to get even. Before Mecca agrees to this deal, he tells Tariq he knows about Ghost and Tommy. And he’s grateful Ghost killed Lobos before Lobos found out that Mecca snitched on him. 

Effie finishes the job?

It’s gotten dark. Brayden is driving Lauren through the woods. They pull over. He points a gun at her and tosses her a bag of money. Brayden wants Lauren to get lost and go off the grid to be safe. But Effie pulls up before Lauren can get away. She punches Lauren in the face and then puts her body in her car before driving away. 

Monet surprises Mecca at his house with Cane. They all agree that Lorenzo is their common enemy. And the plan is to take him out so they can all go on Mecca’s private jet and start a new life. Monet plans on taking all of her children with her. 

By the end of the episode, Effie makes it back to Tariq’s dorm room at night while he’s sleeping. She slowly undresses and gets in the bed with him.

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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