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Joseline Hernandez Claps Back When Criticized for Treatment of Women on ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’

Photo Credit: Zeus/YouTube

Joseline Hernandez clapped back at criticism for her actions on “Joseline’s Cabaret.”

Some “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans have been hoping Joseline Hernandez would return to the show one day. But the closest they got to that was her appearance on “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” These days Joseline is busy with her own show on Zeus Network. “Joseline’s Cabaret” is probably the most popular show on the streaming platform. People take to social media often to discuss the latest drama. And sometimes Joseline is called out for how she treats the other women on the show who are competing for a spot. Her fiancé Balistic Beats was even called out last season because some viewers felt as if he was very disrespectful to one of the women on the cast.

Now Joseline is back in the hot seat. Houses ago, she posted a clip from the new season. In the clip, Joseline doesn’t hold back her thoughts on Chanel Tso, one of the contestants.

A Twitter user responded to Joseline’s tweet. They said they don’t understand why any of the women would allow Joseline to speak to them in a disrespectful way.

Joseline spotted the tweet and clapped back. She wrote, “I would talk to yo ugly a*s the same way. Now get out my page sl*t.”

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