NeNe Leakes Has Some Words for the Women Who Are Sending Her Boyfriend DMs

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NeNe Leakes is paying attention to her boyfriend’s DMs.

NeNe Leakes is no stranger to controversial moments. In fact, her departure from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was very controversial. She called out Andy Cohen and Bravo on social media and in interviews. She accused both of treating her unfairly due to her race. Since making the accusations, Andy Cohen doesn’t appear to be interested in even discussing if NeNe could eventually return to the show. Instead, he told fans recently that it’s Phaedra Parks he would like to see back.

These days NeNe has a lot of people talking about her new romance. Months after Gregg Leakes’ tragic death, NeNe went public with her new man. Nyonisela “Nyoni” Sioh is a Liberian businessman and NeNe has made it clear that he makes her very happy. Despite this, some people believe NeNe has moved on way too fast. And she’s been accused of being tacky for showing off Nyoni on her social media accounts.

Well, the criticism has not made NeNe shy away from sharing details about her boo on social media.

Recently, she playfully interviewed Nyoni on Instagram Live. When she asked him what it’s like to be with her and if it’s “everything,” he said, “She’s everything, she’s the whole wide world.” He continued, “Everything. Can’t get better than that.”

NeNe then asked him, “So I hear that you do custom suits. Would you do some custom suits for my wedding?” Nyoni said he would but he’d only be able to fit her into the schedule in June or July. In response to this, NeNe said, “Not June or July, honey. That’s a long wait. I’m getting married in April so I need to get my designs right over to you.”

After NeNe finished her questions, she had some words for any woman who has been sending Nyoni DMs. “So I will revisit this interview. We will have part two of the interview later on in the week or later on tonight, ladies. And for all of you ladies that are in his DMs…I see you.”

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