Marsau Scott Clashes with Maurice Scott + Melody Holt & LaTisha Scott Have a Major Blowup

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Melody Holt’s friendships are tested on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” never lacks when it comes to drama. Most fans know that the drama between Martell Holt and Melody Holt quickly became a hot topic on social media. Once viewed as a power couple in the Huntsville real estate circles, things fell apart when Martell cheated. They have since divorced. And Martell has a son with his longtime mistress, Arionne Curry. Melody said that she didn’t pull the plug because of the baby. She didn’t learn about Arionne’s pregnancy until after she filed. But this was a sign that she needed to move on and never look back. She’s been clashing with Martell plenty on the show even though they are no longer together.

Interestingly enough, Martell isn’t the only person Melody is at odds with. She’s also not on good terms with LaTisha Scott and Destiny Payton-Williams.

When it comes to LaTisha, things began to go left between her and Melody after Martell accused Marsau Scott of cheating. Martell made the accusations after he found out Marsau made jokes about his affair on the show. LaTisha confronted Melody about the accusations. And Melody wouldn’t deny that she heard that Marsau had been stepping outside of the marriage. So LaTisha strongly feels like Melody was trying to harm her marriage.

Marsau Scott and Maurice Scott were pulled into the drama.

Both women have been unable to completely move on from their issues. Last season, LaTisha said Melody doesn’t know how to be a friend.

Melody’s friendship with Destiny seemed strained on the previous season. Destiny said that she didn’t hear from Melody while they weren’t filming the show. But Melody said she likes to spend more time to herself during the LAMH hiatus period because it can be draining for her mentally to film at times.

However, Melody is now questioning her friendship with Destiny because she isn’t sure that Destiny doesn’t have an inappropriate relationship with Martell. They argue about this on the upcoming season.

Well, another trailer has been released for season 4. And even though things get explosive as the women question their friendships, viewers should prepare for Marsau Scott and Maurice Scott to have tension thanks to what went down at the last reunion.

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  1. Maurice should have just been honest from jump. So I agree with Marsau here. Also, why is Latisha so obsessed with Melody? Every season she’s inserting herself into a situation that has nothing to do with her just because it’s involving Melody. With that being said Latisha’s cousin is wrong to share her business with Melody when they aren’t cool.

  2. I’m going to make sure I have Moscato ? and popcorn ? on deck for this season!
    LaTisha vs Melody again ?. LaTisha needs to stop inserting herself into A & B conversations. She’s becoming more & more like her Mother.
    Melody is no one’s true friend. She’s shown that.

  3. I used to root for LaTisha but she is very annoying and petty!! I agree she’s becoming just like her mother!! Melody is also annoying with her whiney voice!!

  4. Agreed to all Latisha is annoying and really doesnt know how to address the cheating rumors and everytime she does Marsau knows exactly how what to say to throw her dumb behind off. As Melody everyone is right she is nobody’s friend so leave alone like she wants to be left SIMPlE!!

  5. I don’t know why y’all keep talking about Melody not being a real friend when these people sat back and didn’t tell her Martell was cheating when they knew about Arionne before she did. Why is Melody expected to be a friend to these people after that? She treats this like a job and rightfully so. Next.

    1. The truth is none of these people are real friends. Even the brothers are having problems. Reality shows ruin relationships. If the cast all got along, the show would be considered boring anyway.

  6. I will never understand why people want to do reality television. Shows only do good ratings wise when there’s a lot of negativity and drama. They’re all sitting there fighting with each other while OWN and Carlos make a fortune. The cast won’t see that kind of money, only a small percentage if that. Sure this is entertaining to the viewers but man it’s crazy seeing people sell their souls.

    1. The cast thinks this show will be on forever. People will grow tired of seeing Melody and Martel talk about the same things. When that happens Carlos and Oprah will collect their checks.

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