‘Black Ink Crew Compton’ Recap: KP & Tim Question Star’s Loyalty + Nessie Slams Ex

black ink crew compton season 2 episode 5
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Star hashes it out with KP and Tim.

KP and Tim leave the staff trip early to handle business. The shop didn’t pass inspection. So they are forced to push back the opening date yet again. They also discuss Star. Tim wasn’t really moved by her apology. And neither is convinced that she’s not another Barbie.

Lemeir got into a bad accident while driving one of his trucks. He shares a photo of his injuries with certain cast members.

Star pulls Tim and KP aside because she’s sensing they aren’t really past their issues. She apologizes again for going off on Tim. And she reveals that she’s been stressed out because she’s taking care of her grandmother. She has dementia. So it hasn’t been easy. 

KP and Tim accept Star’s apology. And they encourage her to talk to them if she needs to vent about anything. They have to be more like a family moving forward.

Lemeir is grateful to still be alive.

Lemeir talks about the accident with his mom and Danielle. His whole life flashed before his eyes after he accidentally set himself on fire while operating the food truck’s stove. 

After reconnecting with her biological father, Vudu tattoos him. 

KP’s father finds out the new ordinance that prohibits someone from owning a tattoo shop in Compton was a “misunderstanding.” So now that it’s been cleared up, the only thing left now to do is pass inspection. 

Ahead of Barbie and Danielle’s pop-up shops for their clothing lines, Barbie confirms she will be working at Lemeir’s new tattoo shop. 

Star is called out.

Tim and KP question Star’s loyalty after she reveals she hung out with Barbie recently. She promises them she won’t ever discuss IAM business with Barbie. But she shouldn’t have to stop being friends with Barbie just because they have beef. Both men tell Star that it’s just a matter of time before Barbie turns on her. 

Back at the pop-up, Nessie and Ken argue about their breakup. Both blame the other. And Ken says the real last straw for him was Nessie calling him a b*tch. Meanwhile, Nessie accuses him of cheating on her. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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