Kandi Burruss’ Ex Block Says She Is Too Wealthy to Have Demanded He Pay Child Support

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Kandi Burruss wanted Riley Burruss’ father Block to do a lot more.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss has been open about many parts of her life on the show. Her family life has changed a lot since she made her first appearance. She was a single mother to her daughter Riley Burruss. Riley’s father Block was someone Kandi said wasn’t really in her life. Block eventually made an appearance on the show. At the time, Kandi accused him of falling way behind on child support. Even though Riley attempted to repair the relationship, it wasn’t an easy thing for her to deal with. She had her own feelings about Block. When it was time for her to head to college, she asked Kandi why Block wasn’t involved in paying her tuition. It was Riley who pushed for Kandi to head back to court so child support could be collected. And Block would pay his share of her college education.

Well, Block has made it clear that he didn’t like this situation being addressed on the show.

During a recent interview, he spoke more about it. Even though Block said he has now paid child support in full, he doesn’t feel like it made sense that he had to be put on child support in the first place. And Block told the interviewer that Kandi makes too much money for her to have chosen to get the court involved.

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  1. It always baffles me when people say this. Riley didn’t live with Block. So him being on child support was fair and necessary. Single mothers should not have to be the primary providers while the fathers can occasionally pay for things.

  2. Goofy a-s logic. It took two people to create Riley. Kandi’s wealth doesn’t mean Block doesn’t have to pay his share. He said out his own mouth he didn’t pursue a relationship with Riley because of the baby momma he was with. So why is child support not fair? Men like this annoy the f-ck out of me.

  3. Off topic but I’ll never forget when Stevie J said he takes care of his kids because he buys them sneakers. Or when Scrappy was mad at Erica having him on child support because he said he spends time with their daughter. It’s like some males don’t understand how much children need financially. It should be common sense but sadly it isn’t.

  4. I’ll always side eye any man who complains about paying child support. It’s literally a percentage of their income. If that’s triggering, maybe you need to self reflect and work on your finances. A man should take pride in providing for all of his children. And a man shouldn’t ever think a successful woman should do more than the child’s father. Between this and seeing all these grown men gossiping about another man’s marriage yesterday, it’s clear real men are rare now.

  5. Unfortunately some men (and women) will never get it. Child support is not a bad thing in single parent situations.

  6. It is not about how much Kandia makes. Step up to the plate and do what you are supposed to do as a father. How dare you

  7. This man is clueless and has no idea how ridiculous he sounds. Back when all of this was happening, he had a lot of money. Kandi may be doing better than him now, but the truth remains he didn’t do much for Riley when he was doing well. Kandi’s wealth has nothing to do with his responsibilities as a father.

  8. Men always want to complain about Child support, but let that child turn out to be somebody great, they will be the first to puff out their chest talking about thats my child. Yea, with no help from you.

  9. It doesn’t make sense how much Kandie makes. A child have 2 parents it shouldn’t be only one taken care of the child. Do your part.

    1. It is funny how Block can brag about taking care of kids that are not his and whine about doing anything for his own biological child.Does he know how dead beat this makes him look.He is one pathetic loser no matter how he claims he is good with Riley and Kandi.

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