‘Black Ink Crew Compton’ Recap: KP & Tim Bring Vudu to Tears + Barbie & Armani Clash

black ink crew compton season 2 episode 7
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On the recent episode of “Black Ink Crew Compton,” KP and Tim believe they are now free of negative energy since Vudu, Nessie, and Barbie have left IAM. However, others are beginning to feel as if they are the sources of the negativity. In fact, they have a messy exchange with Vudu at Ink Drippin’s charity event. And she ends up in tears. 

When Alana confronts both men about Vudu’s hurt feelings, they have no empathy. They feel she’s no longer their concern since she left the shop. And Alana realizes that KP and Tim become heartless to the people they fall out with. This is a problem. 

Plus, Barbie tries to face her relationship problems with her fiancé Bone head-on. While some progress appears to be made, she doesn’t make much when she tries to talk to Armani about Tim and KP’s treatment of Vudu. And things get really heated.

Here’s a recap for, “Barbie Picks At Her Bone.”

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  1. Kp and Tim are two clowns. What they need to keep in mind is if they have daughters, how are they going to feel when some clown like themselves call their daughter trash? Tim is a follower which isn’t a good look! They are going to run everyone away except the ones that are so far up his A-S! That shop won’t last because they are the NEGATIVE VIBES there. Until they work on themselves, artists will come and go. Leimeir opening his own shop was a smart move. When kp and tim run everybody off they can go work for Leimeir!

  2. Kp bobble head is rude, he has NO RESPECT FOR HIS employees period.That shop will never take off with that attitude!! Just ask ceaser! I’m not watching anymore!! His mouth is very reckless.

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