Melody Holt Answers When Asked If It’s True She Refused to Film LAMH with Martell Holt

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Martell Holt and Melody Holt’s marriage had a messy ending.

Love & Marriage: Hunstville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt didn’t anticipate their marriage falling apart on the show. But that is exactly what happened. For Melody, she struggled to move past Martell’s longtime affair with Arionne Curry. But he told her that he would end their extramarital affair. And he would put his focus on repairing their marriage. Melody would later become pregnant with their fourth child. She thought things were going well between them until the pandemic hit. While the whole family was supposed to stay safe in quarantine, she said she saw Martell leave the house often. So she began to suspect that he was cheating again.

Once Melody started to suspect Martell was back to being unfaithful, she decided it was time to end the marriage. After she pulled the trigger, Martell told her Arionne was pregnant with his fifth child. So Melody took this as a sign that she made the right decision. And it really was time for her to move on from the marriage.

Even though Melody and Martell are no longer married, the drama between them managed to worsen. When they filmed scenes together as divorcees, arguments would ensue. Martell even told her that Arionne was pleasing him because she couldn’t. And there were times when Martell would come at Melody’s motherhood.

Weeks ago, it was rumored that Melody had reached her breaking point. And she refused to film any scenes with Martell for the current season.

Well, Melody addressed this during an interview.

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  1. So this explains that fake stunt of a book signing event Martell had on the last episode. He’s mad Melody won’t film with him anymore and he’s desperately still trying to make her his storyline.

  2. Oh this definitely explains so much. Since Melody won’t film with him he’s going to talk about her and try to make her look bad all season. This is why I don’t fall for his victim crap. He’s very manipulative and always plotting.

  3. I think they shouldn’t even do the show for the sake of the kids. What they must be going through…

  4. It seems as though Martell goes to great lengths to make Melody look bad. Martell tried to look like a victim. If she did cheat the proof in the pudding when it comes to him with a fifth child.

  5. I agree with Nichole’s response! Unfortunately, the greed for money and fame has already planted its seed in the both of them so the children will take a backseat!!

  6. Melody is becoming annoying. When she was talking to Kimmie she insinuated Maurice might be doing something. I’ve always been on Melody side. She now became bitter. I believe she knew about the book signing and just kept the children àway. She will truly make her children angry. I understand her being upset about Destiny talking about her to LaTisha. Melody you’re looking really messy. Don’t let your head get too big.

  7. The kids are not going to grow up and fault Melody for the divorce. They also aren’t going to be mad about a book signing for a book they didn’t actually write and isn’t selling any copies. It’s really not that serious. Melody never said Maurice is cheating. She said Kimmi needs to just trust her intuition because she blindly believed Martell’s lies for years when her intuition was saying differently.

  8. Exactly Gladys. Some of these complaints and criticisms about Melody are ridiculous. So now telling a woman to listen to her intuition is wrong and Melody is wrong for following the court order and not wanting to give up her scheduled time with the kids for a book signing Martell can schedule whenever he wants to. Not to mention people always have multiple signings. She was dragged for staying with Martell, now she’s being dragged for leaving him and choosing not to engage his mind games and toxicity. The black women on this show are dragged way more than the men and I’m over it.

  9. Nah, those kids are going to be mad as f-ck at Martell for breaking up their family like they should be. The oldest already saw him and the side baby with Arionne and pieced it all together. That’s worse than missing a flop a-s book signing no one else showed up to. The only criticism Melody deserves is for the petty and catty sh-t she does with the other women. You can’t fault her for not wanting to deal with Martell’s grimey and manipulative a-s. He’s a menace.

  10. All I need to say is “Carlos King”. For some reason when he is in charge, the dynamic of his shows changes. For the worse, I am sorry to say. From Bravo to here at Own. Tyler Perry need to come back to Own or take over LAMH. From power couples to gossipy couples. Totally different show. That Part!!!!

  11. All they did was fight so yeah, they needed to stop filming together. Sadly I saw someone say they won’t watch now because they only watched to see them fight. Smh.

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