Melody Holt Addresses Criticism Surrounding Martell Holt’s Planned Book Signing

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Melody Holt and Martell Holt struggle to co-parent.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Holt had a very controversial divorce. She and Martell Holt opened up about his longtime affair with Arionne Curry. Although they did try to move forward, it didn’t work out. And Melody suspected that Martell was cheating again while the family was supposed to be in quarantine. So she filed for divorce. Martell would later tell her that Arionne was pregnant. So things have really been contentious between them. They have had explosive moments on the show while they argued over their failed marriage. To no surprise, co-parenting has also been a source of drama. Fans have been very opinionated about their issues. So they have also had a lot to say about the recent episode.

On the episode, Martell was hoping Melody would bring their kids to their book signing. Since the kids are authors of the book, Martell figured Melody would drop them off even though it was her turn to have them. However, Melody did not bring the kids. And she told her mother that Martell sent her an email about the book signing two days before the event. In the end, Melody chose to keep her original plans. She had two family members pass away recently, so she planned to take the kids out of town to see family.

While some fans feel Martell was wrong to make plans during Melody’s time with the kids, others called out Melody. And they said Melody should have taken them to the signing.

Well, Melody recently responded to the criticism.

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  1. Unfortunately black women can be too harsh towards each other. And we’ll give a man even like Martell the benefit of the doubt before another woman.

  2. I don’t know what it’s like to be divorced or Mom but I can feel her completely. You have to set boundaries and it doesn’t matter who gets it who doesn’t you have to protect your peace and not worry about what others think.

  3. I agree with melody. Martell is STILL trying to control her. He knows when he has his kids, book the singing when you have them. He is such a snake! Mel is making decisions to just get on with her life. Whatever she needs to do to heal, so be it. Remember, martell caused this mess. He drew up the plans to resolve this marriage, and destroy his family. Melody has to pick up the pieces and salvage her life in anyway she can. How dare anyone question what she has to do to heal and stay sane!

  4. Melody,where do I begin? I know for all the things that we see on the show,I’m sure there’s a lot we don’t see. Let me 1st commend you on your strength, you are truly a woman warrior. I admire the way you have handled it all with such grace, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Please ignore all the nay sayers, and their opinions about how you should handle your business. Keep your head up, stay prayed up,and remember everyone who cMlaims to be a friend is not

  5. Melody is on point with her decision. Martell is still on a smear campaign. This spoiled brat “man-child” thinks the world centers around him. He clearly knows when he has custody of his children and should have made his plans accordingly. THE BOOK SIGNING WAS NOT AN EMERGENCY OR CRITICAL EVENT. Martell is strategically seeking sympathy and trying to conduct a smear campaign towards Melody. Why hasn’t he married his long term mistress and mother of his 5th child if she pleased him so much? Martell wanted Melody to agree to an “open marriage.” Well, he’s free to be as open as he wants to be now…Why is he still pestering Melody?

  6. I agree with Melody. Martell was being inconsiderate to schedule a book signing when it wasn’t his week with only a two days notice by email. He needs to respect that Melody also has plans when she has her kids and shouldn’t have to pivot for his wants and needs at the drop of a hat.

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