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‘Black Ink Crew Compton’ Recap: The Cast Reflects On What Led to the Division

black ink crew compton season 2 episode 8

Nessie’s issues with JP started years ago.

There is footage from pre-pandemic 2020 that has never been shown until now. Producers feel like it’s important for viewers to see what caused the cast to be so divided. 

One thing that Nessie didn’t like was she recommended Ken to work at the shop. But KP said they weren’t hiring. Then he turned around and hired Polo as an apprentice. Nessie went off about it. And doing so led a shouting match with Star. And Nessie didn’t like that Lemeir didn’t speak up for her.

Lemeir’s rant didn’t sit well with KP.

Lemeir thinks things went left after KP had Star try to get people to agree to sign contracts where they are okay with sharing 50% of profits with the shop. At some point, Armani and Star clash. Armani pushes Star and security intervenes. 

The crew was wrapping up their first convention when Kobe died. They reflect on how much he meant to people in LA. And Tim says KP is their Kobe. This leads to some back and forth. Lemeir brags about making more money with his businesses. His comments stick with KP.

Kat is back.

KP tells Lemeir he would have been “taxed” in Compton if it wasn’t for him and Tim. After it’s said that Lemeir would be a better boss than KP, KP was just about done with everybody. 

Realizing that it’s time for a new chapter without Lemeir and KP, Nessie makes her way to Kat’s tattoo shop. After she left the Chicago show, she created a successful shop in Beverly Hills called Enigma.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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