Melody Holt Comes for Miss Wanda + Discusses Women Who Defend Martell Holt

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Melody Holt’s fallout with LaTisha Scott has resulted in a social media war with Miss Wanda.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Holt has bared all on the show. In fact, viewers watched her marriage to Martell Holt fall apart on the show. For Melody, she was tired of dealing with Martell’s longtime affair. He’s been messing around with Arionne Curry for years. Although Melody said that Martell cheated with multiple women, Arionne is someone he dealt with consistently. They now have a child together. In fact, Martell told Melody that Arionne was pregnant after she filed for divorce. She also said that she suspected he was cheating when he kept leaving the house during quarantine. So she decided then that it was time to pull the plug on the marriage.

Interestingly enough, Melody’s fallout with Martell also led to the demise of her friendship with LaTisha Scott. Martell accused Marsau Scott of cheating. He said this spitefully because he was upset about the jokes Marsau made on the show about his longtime affair with Arionne. Martell has since walked back the accusations. However, he seemingly accused Marsau of cheating, again, along with the other men on the cast via social media.

When LaTisha asked Melody about the accusations made about Marsau, Melody told her to go out at night and see what Marsau is up to.

And LaTisha clapped back by accusing Martell of buying Arionne a car.

Well, Miss Wanda has been coming for Melody quite a bit. And well, Melody returned a jab during an interview. Plus, she gave her theory as to why she believes some women still feel the need to defend Martell against criticism.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, most women who defend Martell are Melody haters or want to sleep with him (or both).

  2. Michelle Obama had a quote that summed this all up perfectly. In the black community, girls are raised and boys are coddled. Women will spend years defending the toxic actions of men but will turn around and criticize another woman for every little thing she does. The pick me energy is so exhausting.

  3. @ Pat you have to be a naive a-s woman to still want to sleep with Martell at this point. I will say watching the anti reactions to Melody has been eye opening though. I had no idea that so many black women were still so male identified. Sh-t is pitiful. They really think it’s honorable to stay with a toxic a-s man.

  4. Oh I completely agree that a lot of black women are still brainwashed and hold on to their old school and misogynystic outlook on life. It’s second nature to them to tear down a black woman but put on a cape for the black man who hurt them. You’ll find them on the internet minimizing everything Martell has done but acting like everything Melody does is evil. But the thing Melody has to remember is she was brainwashed herself for many years. She truly believed all the lies Martell was telling her. Then one day it clicked and she realized how much of a fool she had been. The women who ride for Martell now will eventually wake up one day. They just haven’t had their real life wake up call yet.

  5. Wanda you are a true clown ????. You make your daughter look. No one cares what you want. Melody and Martel are the show. The others are paid well to play their parts. I’ll be so happy when Carlos gets tired of watching you act a fool. Stay in your lane you are not revelant. You should also pick up a dictionary and read it before you speak.

  6. Let’s be clear…SOME BE-HINDS NEED TO BE WHUPPED!!
    I’m sick of all of it. I think there’s a lot of childishness going on. I also think it’s an embarrassment to ALL OF US that they’re successful in business and portraying business that’s nobody’s. No, you’re not going to get along all of the time but D-MN THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! Save the drama for the soap operas.
    LaTisha needs a backbone. This is how Marsau can get away with it by speaking slow to her like she’s retarded(no shade). It’s psychological.

  7. I’m truly grateful that my mother doesn’t act like Wanda. Latisha thinks her mother’s behavior is fine. Carlos thinks it’s funny and great television. But it’s more damaging than they realize. OWN really needs to rethink a lot of their newer programming. You can really tell Oprah is no longer involved.

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