LAMH Recap: Melody Pulls Receipts on Destiny + LaTisha Puts Her Foot Down About Martell

LAMH Season 4 Episode 5 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” relationships continued to be strained. Firstly, LaTisha and her cousin Keke continue their argument outside of Blaque.

This time, Kimmi was thrown in the middle of it. 

Next, Marsau receives an offer from Martell regarding rejoining Scholt. When he brings it up to LaTisha, she puts her foot down about Martell.

Meanwhile, Maurice meets with Destiny and gives her advice regarding rebuilding her finances after her divorce. Destiny also reveals the extent of the public assistance she received.

Lastly, Melody and LaTisha also seemingly end their friendship. This is after Melody pulls receipts regarding a comment made during the Season 3 reunion.

Here’s the recap for, “Coins to Make, Not Friends to Fake.”

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  1. Destiny clearly came to the reunion with the intent to call out Melody so this could be her storyline this season. She’s once again deflecting and avoiding talking about why her husband left her. That is what people really want to know. This season is boring!

  2. Honestly Destiny’s story about public assistance isn’t adding up. She needs to be careful before she’s completely exposed. There are also several holes in her story about her divorce. It’s odd that a main cast member continues to evade sharing on a reality show and keeps her job.

  3. I am truly confused by this cast. They treat Melody like the devil but give Martell a pass on everything when he’s done much worse to all of them. Martell literally accused all of the husbands of cheating yet they are all smiling and talking about hiring him? They attack Melody on and off the show and even use their relatives to do it on social media, but Martell is the one they are cool with and feel sorry for? On top of that, Martell treated Destiny like trash about her divorce. But it’s Melody that Destiny didn’t want to talk to about the divorce and she’s sitting here bad mouthing Melody to everyone who already hates her. But she’s the victim here? I really don’t like this show anymore. All they do is gang up on Melody.

  4. I wantto know why they divorced however, Melody need to heal so she can stop being so bitter. I hope she and Martel get back together and he see the grass is not greener on the other side.

  5. Melody is the star of this show. Everyone is making her their storyline. How this usually ends is she’ll eventually get sick of it and quit. Then the show will flop. ????????‍♀️

  6. The fan base is confusing too Babygirl. All these comments about how mean and bitter Melody is but no one talks about how this same group of people treats her and how they side with Martell on everything. I guess Melody isn’t supposed to get fed up and just keep taking it with a smile, right? Why the double standards? I’ve never seen anything like this. Fans really want Melody to be abused, mistreated, disrespected, and bullied by an entire group of people who were always just “Martell’s friends” and not ever defend herself? Throw the whole show away. Between the cast and the fans, I am over it. I may stop watching. I really hope Melody leaves this show. I’ll watch the DC one for Monique.

  7. Destiny really picked the dumbest fight with Melody and I’m so annoyed. Real friends don’t get upset when they don’t hear from you when they are going through things. I can go a long time without talking to my friends and when we catch up, we pick up right where we left off like mature adults. Destiny needs to focus on getting her life together and stop this weird fixation on Melody.

  8. I understand that they are grown women but I am with Melody on this. No way on God’s green earth my friend is going to be my ex-husband’s good friend. No way, my good friend is going to be talking a man that did me wrong like that every single day.

    Melody needs time to heal from what she went through with Martel, even the strongest people need time to heal. I think she needs to take time off these FAKE friends and TV and get to a better place. I understand she’s all about the coin but mental health is more important. The wounds are clearly still open and so she is going to move in a certain way because of that.

  9. I gotta case of ‘CT’ for this show.
    I CAN’T TAKE the continuous back and forth he said she said nonsense.
    I graduated high school in 1985 and I left the nonsense then and was on my becoming an adult hustle.
    This show has gone a completely diff direction.

  10. This cast is so childish. I can’t imagine being newly divorced, supposedly struggling financially, and more worried about another woman not talking to me every day. Destiny is so exhausting. I wish Melody would have just let Destiny have her victim narrative at the reunion because fans thinking the worst of Melody every season won’t stop God from continuously blessing her. Let people think what they want. It’s all nonsense anyway. I hope Melody has an exit plan from this toxic show. I really started to like her after she finally left Martell. She’s been blossoming since. And that is why everyone is really mad.

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