‘Power Book IV: Force’ Recap: As the War Begins, Tommy Suffers a Heartbreaking Loss

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Vic and Tommy are going to war.

Tommy and Vic have a brief but very tense phone call. Vic denies being the one behind D-Mac being shot. And Tommy says he didn’t have anything to do with Gloria’s death. Since Vic doesn’t want peace, they agree that it’s officially war. 

Tommy goes to the Serbs’ hideout to speak to Mirkovic. They are also prepping to have a shootout against the Flynn family and Irish Mob. Tommy asks Mirkovic to find out who put the hit out on him that left D-Mac in the hospital. Mirkovic agrees to this.

Jenard makes his move on Diamond.

Diamond and Adrienne are hanging out together alone in the barbershop. The phone rings and it’s Jenard. He asks Diamond if he’s at the shop. When Diamond says yes, Jenard tells him he’s on the way because they need to have a “parley.” 

Diamond hangs up and grabs his gun, telling Adrienne they have to leave now. They make it safely into the car and watch Blaxton and the rest of Jenard’s men bust into the shop with guns to kill him. Luckily, they got out in time. And Diamond realizes that he can no longer trust his own brother. 

Claudia plots, D-Mac and JP make peace.

While Vic and the Irish Mob’s “Four Horsemen” are partying at Gloria’s old bar, Tommy and two of the Serbs make a move and take out one of their men. After this, Tommy texts Claudia saying it’s time for a re-up with Dahlia. He questions if they are still working together or is she now a part of the family’s beef with him. Claudia says she will see him at the re-up. She wanted to use the moment to attack Tommy but Walter isn’t interested in hearing any of her ideas. 

JP visits D-Mac in the hospital. They talk when he wakes up. JP apologizes for not trying hard enough to find D-Mac. But he plans to make it right. And he knows that it was D-Mac who was shooting up his club. Tommy walks in and says that he doesn’t want D-Mac anywhere near crime anymore because he’s smarter than them both. So he has a chance to have a future they never could. They are focused on finding out who shot D-Mac so they can get revenge. 

Diamond receives the confirmation he needed. 

Jenard tries to get in touch with Blaxton to find out if Diamond was taken out. He gets no answer after multiple calls are made. Meanwhile, Diamond has Blaxton tied up and he’s beating him. Blaxton finally admits that it was Jenard that sent them there to kill Diamond. And the issue is Jenard feels Diamond has gotten too soft since getting out of prison. He doesn’t even want to “catch any more bodies.” Diamond kills him.

Tommy goes to his grandmother Miriam’s house to find an envelope JP needs after the hospital asks for his medical history to help D-Mac. But he finds Kate there and he’s not pleased. Kate says she’s looking for the money Miriam left in the house. She wants to meet KP and D-Mac at the hospital. Tommy gives her cash to go home but reluctantly agrees to introduce her to D-Mac.

Liliana is ready to ride for Tommy.

Claudia finally convinces Walter to make a move on Tommy with the re-up. However, she doesn’t reveal that she’s actually the person behind Dahlia and she’s been working with Tommy. 

When Jenard makes it home, he finds Blaxton’s corpse inside. He realizes Diamond is fully aware he was behind the hit. 

Turns out Tommy was a few steps ahead of Claudia. He invited her to the re-up because he knew she would use the opportunity to take him out. Tommy and a couple of Serbs take out three more of the “Four Horsemen.” The remaining one and Vic run away before they are also killed. 

After Tommy gives Liliana a recap of what’s going on, she tells Doc to run and gives her cash to start a new life. As for Liliana, she isn’t leaving. And she plans to have Tommy’s back because this is the life she chose a long time ago.

Tommy and D-Mac put the pieces together. 

After the failed plan, Claudia pulls the last of the four horsemen aside to talk business. He samples (and enjoys) Dahlia. He will back up Claudia to take over the Flynn family with the bosses in Ireland as long as he will be able to sell the drug. And Claudia has another way to get to Tommy. Not too long after, he and Claudia run up on Doc. Fearing for her life, she is willing to tell them what Tommy’s weakness is. 

Kate and Tommy go to the hospital. It’s a happy and emotional first meeting for JP and Kate. Before Kate can meet D-Mac, Tommy walks over to speak to him first. Both think CBI was behind the hit. And Tommy realizes Diamond is no longer calling the shots.

Jenard wants help from Walter.

Jenard meets with Mirkovic and says that Tommy is a problem. And he’s the one who killed the Serbs’ men and took their pipeline. So Jenard will return their pipeline with interest if Mirkovic agrees to take out Tommy and Diamond. Mirkovic says he’s not getting involved in family drama. He will drop his support of Tommy if the pipeline is returned and the Flynn family ends their beef with the Serbs. But Jenard is on his own with Diamond. 

Jenard later talks to Walter and Vic. He admits he went after Diamond. But Diamond turned on him first. They can all get back on top if they get rid of Tommy and make peace with the Serbs. And Jenard plans to take out Diamond himself. 

After Jenard leaves, Walter says they aren’t getting involved in the CBI drama. They will let the “animals” tear each other apart within. But they will handle Tommy. 

Claudia finds out the truth.

Tommy and Diamond catch up. Diamond confirms Jenard tried to take him out with Blaxton’s help. Blaxton is now dead. And Tommy says CBI was behind D-Mac’s hospitalization. They will work together to take out the Flynn family. But Diamond needs more time to figure out how to handle his little brother. 

Claudia calls Tommy while she’s with Walter, Vic, and Jenard. They confirm they kidnapped JP. He will be returned safely in exchange for Tommy’s life. Tommy tells Vic and Claudia they are stupid. And the person behind Gloria’s death was Walter. After the call ends, Jenard and Claudia have a side conversation. And Jenard confirms the Serbs were behind the hit on Gloria and Vic because Walter killed their men first. 

Jenard and Claudia will work together to distribute Dahlia now that they have Doc. 

Liliana goes down.

It’s the day of Tommy’s showdown with the Flynns and Jenard. Diamond pulls up with Tommy and he’s holding a gun to his head to make it seem like he’s going to make a deal. He says he’ll hand over Tommy in exchange for Jenard. The CBI members there are upset to find out Jenard tried to kill Diamond to take over. Jenard then shoots at Diamond and Tommy. And the shootout officially begins. Tommy and Vic end up fighting. Diamond goes after Jenard. And Liliana gets out of the car to snipe. 

Sadly, Liliana is shot by Claudia after she tries to make a move on Walter and Paulie. She falls to the ground and yells for Tommy’s help. 

Claudia has had enough. She and Tommy tell Vic that Walter caused all of this and he’s the reason Gloria is dead. Vic is hurt. He won’t kill his own father. But he can’t ever trust him again. 

So JP is freed and Tommy tries to save Liliana to no avail. As he cries over her death, Claudia says they can make this right and work together again. However, Tommy is done. And she needs to prepare for his next move. 

The feds are ready to look into Tommy.

As for Diamond, he decides not to kill Jenard. CBI is officially being divided. Those who want to come with him, will. The others will stay with Jenard. And they will have separate territories. 

Tommy, Diamond, and JP later take a shot in Liliana’s honor. In Tommy’s opinion, she was the baddest. Walter has no one left but Paulie now that Vic and Claudia are done with him. Tommy has his sights on a bigger operation that doesn’t include Dahlia. However, he has no idea that the feds are looking into him after the recent chaos. Even Detective Rodriguez wants to head to Chicago to investigate. 

What did you think about the season finale? 

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  1. I’m so hurt they killed off my girl. But I will say I love this show. I’m loving all of these spin-offs.

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