LAMH Recap: Miss Wanda Confronts Keke + She Claps Back

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On the latest “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Miss Wanda stands up for LaTisha as she believes she was done wrong once again. This time, Wanda confronts LaTisha’s cousin Keke after LaTisha tells her of what Keke did at Melody’s pajama party.

Wanda heads to Keke to confront her about it and even calls her “a snake” for talking about LaTisha to Melody behind her back.

Meanwhile, Destiny and Melody vent to their friends about their falling out during last week’s episode. When Destiny talks to Martell about everything, Martell calls out Melody claiming she’s trying to turn all of his friends against him.

Lastly, Tiffany reveals she’s going to search for her biological mother in Utah and invites Melody to help. This disappoints Louis as Tiffany previously made plans with him to go with her to help.

Here’s the recap for, “I Wanda Have a Keke.”

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  1. Kimmie is the only adult on the show. I feel for Melody for what she had to go through with Martell but d*mn move on now and take the rest of the petty sh*t starting cast with you. All of the he said she said is rather exhausting. How old are they 12?

  2. And further more Melody was being messing when she invited KeKe to her pajamas party so she could talk about Latisha’s husband controlled marriage. I do not like Martell, Latisha, Marsau etc but Melody does not have the right to tell anybody who they can invite to their events or who they can like. She did not like that Kimmie said Martell had a good heart. Well that is her thought. And if Melody didn’t go to Jalen’s housewarming she implied that Kimmie should not invite Martell. Again I can not stand Martell but as a grown woman you can not dictate who I talk to. Just like she invites enemies to other people to her events. Girl sit down

  3. Melody doesn’t want to be around Martell and that’s her right. I’m personally glad because seeing them fight every season was so toxic and draining. Kimmi and others will be just fine inviting one or the other. And I get it. But I do wonder how the reunion will work.

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