Momma Dee Puts Bambi on Blast + Blames Her for Strained Relationship with Scrappy

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Momma Dee made Bambi and Scrappy’s marital problems worse.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee has an interesting history with the women Scrappy had romantic relationships with over the years. In fact, she clashed with Erica Dixon quite a bit. During the show’s first season, Momma Dee was very critical of Erica. She didn’t feel as if Erica cared enough for Scrappy. Momma Dee even accused Erica of leaving Scrappy “for dead” after he had an asthma attack because she went ahead and went to work later that day. Things were so bad that Momma Dee also didn’t get along with Erica’s mother Mignon Dixon. So not only did Erica blame Scrappy’s infidelities for why their engagement didn’t work out, but she also said Momma Dee was a factor.

Interestingly enough, Momma Dee and Erica are on great terms now. Momma Dee even pushed Erica and Scrappy to make peace so co-parenting could improve between them. She called Erica to come out while they were filming “VH1 Family Reunion.” And Erica ended up hashing things out with Bambi and Scrappy. Unfortunately, there are still ups and downs in their co-parenting relationships.

Momma Dee has made it clear that there are things she doesn’t like about Scrappy’s wife Bambi. On the previous season of LHHATL, the couple confirmed they were having problems. It certainly didn’t help things when Momma Dee got involved. And she told cast members that Bambi planned to divorce Scrappy. And she wanted to walk away with half of his money.

Well, things have worsened between Bambi and Momma Dee. And Momma Dee recently said Bambi is to blame for her fallout with Scrappy.

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  1. Momma Dee is the problem and she always has been. She makes an effort to have an issue with whoever Scrappy is with. Then when they break up, she likes them. I don’t blame him for being tired of her ways. She’s doing the most about Shay’s pregnancy to bother Bambi, and now that she finally got a reaction she wants to play victim. This is typical of her.

  2. Momma Dee does everything she can to make sure Scrappy doesn’t have peace in his life. Bambi isn’t to blame for him not speaking to her, Momma Dee brought this on herself!

  3. So all it took was Shay buying her flowers and a birthday card to ruin her relationships with her son and daughter in law? How embarrassing.

  4. Nah Momma Dee has been coming for Bambi since day one. She did the same thing to Erica. And she wouldn’t like Shay either if Scrappy was still her. She wants Scrappy to be single the rest of his life.

  5. I think Momma Dee is crushing on her son and no other woman can have him OR she wants it all her way. You see, one would have to bow down to her to get acceptance.
    I don’t like how she looks at the women that Scrappy has presented…like a pimp.
    Scrappy needs to check his Mother

  6. I really don’t understand why there are people defending Momma Dee on her page. They would not be okay with their mother in law treating them the way she treats Bambi. Momma Dee has issues and it’s not funny or entertaining anymore.

  7. This wasn’t even a threat. Bambi is just tired of Momma Dee talking sh-t about her online and smiling in her face later. Momma Dee needs to respect her son’s wife and stop making Shay’s pregnancy about herself.

  8. Momma Dee needs to sit her a-s down somewhere and stop being a troll. She knows d-mn well the real reason why she’s up Shay’s a-s and it’s transparent to anyone with common sense.

  9. Lisa, the people who are defending Momma Dee are just Bambi haters. They’d hate to have a mother in law like her in their real lives. The internet is full of gaslighting, fakery, hypocrisy, and playing stupid all because people have their favorites and people they can’t stand. Momma Dee is a problem. And she will continue to be this way instead of getting therapy because she’s made a good coin from being dysfunctional on TV. When I see how some of these mothers act on TV, I’m even more grateful for the one I have.

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