Robyn Dixon Says She Blocked Karen Huger & Monique Samuels on Instagram

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Robyn Dixon doesn’t have the best history with Monique Samuels and Karen Huger.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Robyn Dixon has been on the show since season 1. Over the years, she’s had her dramatic moments. Robyn has been involved in feuds with other cast members. In fact, she clashed with Monique Samuels over social media posts. At the time, Robyn suspected that Monique was running her own fan page. So she confronted Monique about the shady posts that were targeted toward her. Eventually, things worsened. And while the cast was hanging out one evening, Monique and Robyn got into it. Monique threatened to choke out Robyn with her umbrella, and Robyn didn’t back down. Luckily, the other women were able to prevent things from getting violent.

Considering Robyn’s past issues with Monique, it probably wasn’t surprising to fans when she was critical of Monique’s decision to put her hands on Candiace Dillard.

Robyn has also had some tense moments with Karen Huger. And Karen has called out Robyn for getting involved when she clashes with Gizelle Bryant.

Well, Robyn opened up about the housewives she’s blocked on social media. She confirmed that she blocked Monique and Karen. Plus, Robyn addressed her friendship with Gizelle. And she said that she speaks up for Gizelle because Gizelle can be too unbothered at times.

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  1. I don’t see a problem with Robyn taking up for a best friend she’s had for years. RHOP needs more real friendships honestly. It’s a dumb reason to dislike her in my opinion. Meanwhile fans love the fakest chicks who treat their best friends like trash (Porsha for example).

    1. This is so true. Porsha, NeNe, and Phaedra are horrible to their so called friends. All fan favorites. But it’s Robyn they drag.

  2. I don’t think they care. None of them were/are friends anyway. That’s for the entire cast minus her & Giselle.

  3. I’m confused……soooooo dislike someone because my best friend does? I’m so glad I’m a real adult!

  4. She is so sad. Why does she need to speak up for another grown woman who obviously doesn’t mind causing problems. Robin has no storyline other than to involve herself and whatever few Giselle is in, in the season.

  5. People only have a problem with Robyn speaking up for her best friend of many years because they don’t like Gizelle. Meanwhile, they were mad when Cynthia stopped riding for NeNe (NeNe didn’t deserve the loyalty). They were fine with Porsha constantly defending Phaedra. And they loved it when Monique and Karen rode for each other. I’ll be glad when fans would stop being biased and taking these shows so personally. It’s annoying. Robyn has many flaws. But being a loyal friend isn’t one of them. She even tells Gizelle when she’s wrong. Robyn is solid in my book.

  6. I don’t see the problem. If you look at this group, some of them are genuine friends and defend each other. Wendy defends Candiace and vice versa. Her and Karen also are good and take up for each other. Askale had Candiace’s back. They hang out in real life. Ashley was ten toes down for Monique during the fight mess. Even when she was dragged for doing so. I mean what is the problem? I really don’t want to watch this type show if it’s only bickering and no friendships to balance it out. I agree that fans just don’t like that Gizelle has a friend to have her back. They want her isolated, hated, and on an island by herself because she’s messy but truth be told, they are all messy. We wouldn’t watch if there wasn’t any drama. That’s the truth. As far as Robyn blocking Mo and Karen, that’s to be expected. Karen said she would spill some serious tea on Juan. And Monique was using her brother to shade Robyn on that fan page.

  7. Robyn pretty much said, because Gizelle is unbothered by things, so she becomes bothered by something that has nothing to do with her. As far as her blocking them, I’m sure they only found this out if they read this interview. No one is checking for Robyn in these streets.

  8. Robyn pretty much said, because Gizelle is unbothered by things, so she becomes bothered by something that has nothing to do with her. As far as her blocking them, I’m sure they only found this out if they read this interview. N

  9. Robyn’s bothered because it is her storyline every season. She doesn’t have to check for Giselle when she herself is not bothered. She blocked Karen and Monique because she doesn’t like to called out by their fans, she’s okay with her fans doing the same thing?

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