Scrappy Tries to Keep It Together After Being Blasted by Momma Dee & Erica Dixon

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Scrappy’s drama is playing out on social media.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy’s love life played out on the show for the last several years. Longtime fans remember that Scrappy was still trying to work things out with Erica Dixon during the first season. He eventually proposed, but things didn’t work out. Erica accused Scrappy of being unfaithful. And Erica also didn’t have the best relationship with Momma Dee. She would later say that having a contentious relationship with Momma Dee did hurt the relationship as well.

Interestingly enough, Momma Dee and Erica Dixon are on much better terms now. In fact, Momma Dee was the person who pushed Scrappy and Erica to hash out their co-parenting issues. It got to the point that Scrappy and Erica would only communicate via text messages. Erica thought this was ridiculous. Momma Dee agreed and encouraged Erica and Scrappy to put it all on the table on “VH1: Family Reunion.”

On the show, they were able to talk about everything. Then they agreed to move forward for the sake of their daughter. Bambi and Erica were even able to be cordial.

Well, the last few weeks on social media have been eventful for Scrappy. Momma Dee has been blasting him and Bambi. And Erica may have also aired out Scrappy recently.

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  1. Erica has been complaining about Scrappy and Bambi for years! Either tell us what is going on or stop posting on social media!

  2. Jess, you are absolutely right. This is crazy how people flaunts their riches. And even if they’re not rich they go above and beyond, while the rich people are getting richer off of them.

    1. Low-key Erica is still holding on to Scrappy but for what? She has a new man and new babies. Why not focus on that? Stop relying on him to do anything.
      As far as Momma Dee…Erica had better pull out a long-handled spoon. Let her stay in the ‘Grandmother Lane.’ Do not discuss Scrappy with her. She’s trying to play too many sides against the middle.
      WHERE’S ERNEST??!!

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