LAMH Recap: LaTisha Confronts Melody + Destiny and Stormi Nearly Come to Blows

LAMH Season 4 Episode 7
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Kimmi does her best to bring all of the ladies back together in an effort to quell all of their feuds. However, shouting matches ensue and a few of them have to be separated.

This occurs as there’s plenty of unresolved tension between LaTisha and Melody stemming from Melody’s cheating allegations she made about Marsau. In fact, Melody refers to LaTisha as “her Opps,” and this is a major sore spot between Destiny and Melody.

Speaking of Destiny, she and Melody clash as Destiny confronts Melody regarding their tense conversation at the coffee house.

Lastly, Martell explains why he’s not looking to get his builder’s license, and Marsau and Maurice agree with LaTisha about Martell buying back into Scholt.

Here’s the recap for, “My Bloody Galentine’s.”

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  1. These women own this show is hot miss LaTasha need wake up your husband been cheating own you can you see it he is not hiding it Your mother is ghetto won’t be have your family fighting with each other Destiny stay out the bulls**t Martell tell you about Melody but you didn’t listen

  2. Tisha looked and sounded real stupid. Mel needs to tell everyone about her texted with Destiny Tisha said Mel didn’t know how to be a friend because of Destiny’s lies. So Tisha thought she had a friend in Destiny. Mel has been a friend to both of them. Mel taking Tisha to meet other women in business to mogul. Tisha trying to be hard like she could bust a grape. Girl stop following people. Tell your husband to stop doing things so people won’t talk about him. They talked about Jesus. Stop winning.

  3. Why does Mel feel the need to keep being up that Marsau is cheating? You clearly not saying it because you are concerned about a friend because you already said she your enemy. So it comes off like you want to see her hurt like you were. If Marsau is cheating, then nobody can make Tisha leave him until she is ready to do so. Just like nobody could make Mel leave Martell until she was ready to do so.

    Oh I know I know…because they can’t mind their own business. Such as worrying about a husband that’s not theirs.
    Martell cheated and got caught up so all of the men are suspect.
    Marsau posted the photo on purpose to get the bullswankey started among ALL of them. He wasn’t going to take it on the chin by himself. But this is the thing with Marsau, he has a knack for making LaTisha think the opposite of something. Make her question her own thoughts so she backs down off of her concerns.
    You see, she doesn’t know how to investigate. I don’t mean checking his phone nor emails…too obvious. She could simply have pillow talk or convos over dinner but don’t be so to the point just be casual about it.
    I thought the entire party was hilarious! Stormi with her ‘country grammar’ was the highlight of the evening for me. Now when they go to screaming now that was beyond silly. LaTisha came dressed to fight. I did like her outfit though. As a matter of fact I liked everyone’s attire.
    My good sis Kimmi tried and I hope she doesn’t try it again. Let all of them figure out their own sh-t.

  5. Tisha has no reason to even engage Mel. Let her sit in her own angry pool. I need Mel to admit its her that’s sleeping with Marseau cause that’s the only reason she knows he’s cheating. If it ain’t her, STFU! Tisha don’t have to believe your gossip and slander of her husband. I won’t play with my marriage on TV.

  6. ALL of them is to old for this foolishness. The reasons they falling out for is so dumb that they just need to hug it out and make up.

  7. Melody reminds me of Shaunie O’Neal. God forbid someone stands up to Melody. They will be fired.

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