LaTisha Scott Calls out Marsau Scott + Marsau Addresses Brother After He Slams Melody Holt

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LaTisha Scott said the cheating rumors don’t bother her anymore.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott’s marriage has been a hot topic for seasons now. Although it was Martell Holt who opened up about his longtime affair, he wasn’t willing to be the only husband discussed. In fact, Martell accused Marsau of cheating. He took issue with Marsau making jokes about the affair. So he said Marsau has cheated with 20 different women. This, of course, strained the friendship at the time. And it didn’t take long for LaTisha and Melody Holt to start having issues.

LaTisha confronted Melody about the accusations made by Martell. And Melody told her to go to the spots Marsau frequents at night to see what he’s up to. Melody would later take to Twitter to claim she knows a woman Marsau allegedly had an affair with.

Martell eventually backtracked from his accusations. He apologized. And he also said that he made the accusations to be spiteful. He was just angry that Marsau joked about his affair on the show. In Martell’s opinion, real friends shouldn’t move that way.

While Marsau and Martell were able to move past their issues, the same can’t be said for LaTisha and Melody. So Latisha was not happy to find out that Melody discussed her and Marsau at the slumber party.

Interestingly enough, Marsau will have to face new cheating rumors on the current season. And recently, LaTisha became frustrated with her husband’s way of addressing the allegations.

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  1. You know, I don’t know what Marsau is doing or has done. But from what I see from him on the show and this video, the way he treats LaTisha is actually gross. He doesn’t seem to actually respect her at all and that’s what makes the cheating rumors so believable. I also can see that LaTisha isn’t as secure about her marriage as she wants people to believe.

  2. Marsau plays in Latisha’s face a lot and she does nothing about it so I don’t get outraged for her.

  3. Marsau has a I don’t care what anybody think attitude which I don’t blame him for because people going to say what they want but he do owe his wife some comforts but she should be secure within her self. I think he would be better if her mom stayed out of their marriage He better watch his back with that business adventure with Vanessa he can’t trust Martell I don’t trust her

  4. Latisha is a trip. It’s not about how long you’ve been married, it’s about the quality of the marriage. Kinda weird how there are still women walking around feeling validated because they are married in 2022. I’m glad Melody finally woke up and left. This video was so…cringe.

  5. Marsau has this gift that he pulls out every time it’s needed and it’s called persuasion.
    He can tell LaTisha the sky is green and she’d believe him but…
    Hol’up, if he had not posted that photo of all of the men would we think differently about everything that’s happened thus far?
    Yeah I do believe there may be a message behind the picture but what?
    Or is it just a photo and a big deal is being made from it?

    1. @ Gloria I agree with everything else you said but Melody had 4 kids AND public humiliation. It’s always good to Vet a Man out before having children involved.

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