RHOA Recap: Drew Goes off Over Rumor About Ralph + Sheree & Drew’s Feud Begins

rhoa season 14 episode 3
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On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” tension grows between Sheree and Drew. Drew has been going around telling people that her assistant Anthony used to be Sheree’s assistant as well. However, Sheree allegedly never paid him for his work. However, Sheree tells Marlo that Anthony was never her assistant. And she thought he was too messy to work with because he was allegedly gossiping to her about Drew and Ralph. 

When the group gets together for Brooklyn’s birthday party, they play an anonymous tea game. The game requires that tea is written anonymously and whoever the report is about must address it. 

Kandi is accused of getting risqué in a locker room. Kenya calls out Marlo about the rumor involving LisaRaye. And Sheree and Drew have the most drama at the event. 

After Sheree calls out Drew about what her assistant has been saying and spreading with Drew’s help, Drew finds out that her assistant may also gossip about Ralph as well. And this leads to a blowup. 

Here’s a recap for, “The Tea Is Served.”

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  1. Please get Marlo and Sheree off the show. If every week this show is shown with all of this drama it has o stop. They are at a kids party acting a fool and it was embarrassing.

  2. Sheree said Kandi suck di** everywhere else….????????????
    Other than that the show was a drag i will give it one more episode if it don’t pick up I AM DONE….BBW back tomorrow yeeeeessss!!!!!!

  3. As annoying as Drew is at times, I’m glad she wasn’t scared of Sheree. This show is excellent when the newbies aren’t afraid of the OGs. Another solid episode and I agree this season is already much better than the last. Honestly last season was the worst season of RHOA ever.

  4. My thing is why did they decide to do this foolishness at a child birthday party. They could have choose a better time and place.

  5. I think this Anthony guy is the same one who caused all that mess between Jackie and Malaysia a couple of years ago. He lies and enjoys causing trouble for 5 seconds of TV time.

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