‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Brandi & Malaysia Come Face to Face After Their Shocking Fallout

basketball wives season 10 episode 1
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On the season premiere of “Basketball Wives,” several of the LA ladies are back. While some have happy updates and have remained on good terms, one thing everyone notices immediately is that Malaysia and Brandi are no longer close. Shocked by this, everyone else wants to get to the bottom of their fallout. However, Malaysia doesn’t want to share what went wrong. 

Interestingly enough, Brandi tells people that Malaysia hurt her severely because she didn’t reach out after her father passed away. And even though she hasn’t seen Malaysia in 3 years, she still would think Malaysia would have cared enough to contact her and offer support. 

However, Malaysia says she didn’t know Brandi’s father died. And despite their issues, she would never refrain from contacting her after something that devastating happened. But Brandi isn’t hearing this because she believes that she and Malaysia still have mutual friends.

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 1.”

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  1. I NEVER cared for Brandi however i loved her and Malaysia friendship…so it is really SAD to see them beefing….Malaysia goes hard for her friends sometimes i thought she went too hard.I don’t like Malaysia as much as i use to because of how she TURNED on Draya for Brandi….anywho i hope they are able to fix their relationship.

  2. Brandi came too hard for Malaysia I didn’t like it brandi always come off strong and Malaysia always had her back I see she coming with the same energy again Malaysia has always been a good friend to everyone on the show there has to be a reason she wasn’t there for brandi maybe but she didn’t go to Malaysia to talk she went to accuse and deflect I anit like that..

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