Kimmi Scott’s Son Checks Miss Wanda Amid ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Drama

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Jaylin is not having it.

Miss Wanda is always willing and ready to defend LaTisha Scott when it comes to drama on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” And right now, LaTisha’s biggest source of drama is her feud with Melody Holt. She’s upset that Melody accused Marsau Scott of cheating. As for Melody, she’s upset that LaTisha won’t move on from this since it happened during the show’s first season. Plus, she didn’t like that LaTisha said she doesn’t know how to be a friend at last season’s reunion.

Since things aren’t good with LaTisha or Destiny Payton-Williams, Melody decided not to invite either to her holiday slumber party. However, Melody did invite LaTisha’s cousin Keke. And Keke said that cheating accusations about Marsau were spreading around before the show.

Kimmi Scott later told LaTisha what Keke and Melody discussed. So LaTisha confronted Melody about it. The conversation didn’t go well. Insults flew and at one point, Melody called LaTisha out of her name.

On the upcoming episode, Miss Wanda has something to say about it all when she’s at the housewarming party Kimmi put together for her son Jaylin.

In the preview, Wanda says, “Y’all decide to call Tisha’s name again, make sure y’all invite me there. B*tches…”

Kimmi then says, “It ain’t gon be no b*tches.”

Jaylin isn’t having it and checks Wanda quickly, “No, no. Wanda, Wanda, we’re not gonna speak like that to my mother in this house.”

Kimmi Scott confronts Martell Holt.

Interestingly enough, Miss Wanda isn’t the only one confronting some issues on the next episode. Kimmi has an honest moment with Martell Holt. And she explains why she hasn’t really been open to inviting him to events as of late, “You can be not nice.”

In response, Martell says, “That’s everybody.” But Kimmi says he’s on another level, “I think you’re not nicer than a lot of us.”

Destiny Payton-Williams and Stormi Steele attempt to hash out their issues after they nearly came to blows.

During the conversation, Destiny says, “You were coming at me really sideways.” Stormi feels the same way, “And you were too.”

It gets tense again after Destiny calls Stormi sweetie, “I never started that way, sweetie.” And Stormi responds, “I’m not a sweetie. Don’t call me that.”

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  1. If Melody’s mother kept showing up to scenes raising h-ll and disrespecting people the way Wanda constantly does, the same viewers who drag Melody for just breathing and the way she talks would want her off the show. It’s amazing how certain people can do whatever they want but Melody is made out to be the villain of the show. Ugh, I hate LAMH now. It’s so reminiscent of Married to Medicine and why I could no longer stand it once the Mariah hate train began. That cast got what they wanted in the end by getting Mariah removed. I don’t doubt that’s what LaTisha, Martell, Maurice, etc. are doing now with Melody. They want her off the show.

    1. And this isn’t criticism of Jaylin because he should defend his mom. I just think it’s sad that Maurice doesn’t feel the need to.

  2. Carlos needs to come up with something new next season. Every season Wanda is fighting Latisha’s battles and these beefs are so stale now too. I can’t even believe Melody and Latisha have been having the same fight since season 1. They look silly arguing over their marriages because neither Martell nor Marsau are prizes.

    1. BOOM!!!….I am ???? % with u on that!!! And if Marsau is or have cheated on LaTisha.. she’s not going anywhere..She gonna stay to save face for the show and also because of the coins she has accumulated throughout that marriage with Marsau…Miss Wanda has said on social media that she told LaTisha to not leave that man…They see ????????????… Marsau has it good…

  3. Tell the truth and shame the devil Sheika! Latisha and Melody have/had struggle marriages! I’m tired of seeing them argue like one won over the other. I’ll give Melody credit for finally leaving after all that time. But Latisha looked goofy wearing that Team Wife shirt like her marriage is something to envy. Girl bye! You and Melody were both fools for way too long!

  4. So Wanda is still treating Kimmi like trash even though Kimmi has been making herself look two faced this season to ride for LaTisha. Hmm I would be annoyed for Kimmi but she’s been acting really messy and intentional this season. She is bone carrying and inviting people to events so they can fight about high school foolishness.

  5. I all wonder why Maurice doesn’t defend Kimmi as he should…It doesn’t feel right to me….I must commend Jaylin for gathering Wanda up with disrespectful azz!!! Just a plum messy and shady boots..

  6. @Queen Kimmi is a side chick. Maurice took too long to clear her name. It does NOT surprise me that Kimmie’ son steps in to defend her name????????‍♀️

  7. @Chelly—Kimmie only running back to Tisha this season to take the heat off of her
    marriage. She doesn’t want her marriage discussed on TV at all. Notice anytime it
    was mentioned, she changed that subject in a hurry. Kimmie isn’t going anywhere
    she was the pick me woman and I know his ex wife is laughing her arse off about now
    Kimmie older than Maurice and she’s never been married, she always said her sons
    Father, she never said her ex husband. So Kimmie ain’t going nowhere, believe me
    when I say this. She waited 7 yrs for this stink bad breathe man, that’s been cheating
    since day one and no, she don’t care, just like Tisha, so the both of them are sad sacks
    for women. That’s what we call women here, that try and play that BS. Kimmie trying
    hard to keep from answering any questions about her husband cheating and that’s just
    a fact. She could careless than a damn about Tisha, she said so a month before filming.

  8. I agree!! Kimmie is being extra this season. If she does not want all of that craziness in her life why is she going back telling people what other people are saying about them. Maurice does the same things that Marsau and Martell does he just does his sh*t in a calmer manner so it does not look like he is doing anything sneaky. All of the men are disrespectful. Maurice never takes up for Kimmie.

  9. Everyone comments are valid but all I can say is Carlos King. Every show he has been involved with turned to pure messy. The same with all the other shows, Carlos King is the no good as a producer. The dynamics of LAMH has gone to the dogs, blame Carlos king. All characters have really changed. Very negative I want to see positive black people who are establishing their brand not who is cheating. The guys make the women look bad. Can’t stand it

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