Dr. Heavenly Kimes Says Martell Holt Tried Her on Carlos King’s New Talk Show

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Martell Holt have clashed a few times.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is no stranger to controversial moments on television. In fact, she’s had her share of feuds on the show. But that hasn’t stopped Heavenly from staying true to herself and speaking her mind when she feels like it. So it’s probably no surprise that Heavenly didn’t feel the need to hold her opinions about “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” She’s friends with Melody Holt and has shared her opinions about the demise of Melody’s marriage to Martell Holt. In fact, Heavenly even interviewed Martell on her YouTube channel. At the time, it was rumored that he fathered a child outside of the marriage. And he had a baby on the way with longtime mistress Arionne Curry. That turned out to be true.

The interview became explosive pretty quickly. Heavenly told Martell he was wrong to make the choices he made. She didn’t think there was an excuse for him to be unfaithful to his wife. However, Martell didn’t feel like Heavenly was being fair. And he told her that Melody had some blame because she wasn’t pleasing him in the bedroom.

Regardless, Heavenly wasn’t buying Martell’s excuses. And he wasn’t happy with the way the interview turned out. So he has called her out on social media. Heavenly also said that he refused to do another interview with her.

Well, LAMH fans may soon see Heavenly and Martell clash yet again on Carlos King’s talk show.

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  1. Wasn’t she just cheesing it up in a pic with Martell and Destiny a couple of weeks ago? People tried to tell her Martell doesn’t like her and can’t be trusted but she swore he’s a “good guy” ????.

  2. Martell turns me off. I would not even waste my time arguing with the little leprechaun. He is childish and he will never except responsible for anything so just walk away and leave him sitting there with them pointy ears and Carlos King

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