Martell Holt Has Interesting Update on Mistress + Dr. Heavenly Kimes Gets Him Together

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Dr. Heavenly Kimes has strong opinions about Martell Holt.

When it comes to Martell Holt‘s longtime affair, it’s been a hot topic on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” He now has a son with his former mistress, Arionne Curry. Interestingly enough, blogger Funky Dineva coined her as “Coleslaw.” In a video, he broke down his thoughts on the affair. In his opinion, Melody Holt was the main entree who brought a lot to the table. And he believes Arionne is a side dish who isn’t capable of coming close to the ex-wife.

After Funky Dineva’s video went viral, many others began to refer to Martell’s former mistress as Coleslaw. In fact, one of the specials for “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” discussed this. And “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes thought the nickname made sense.

She said, “I honestly don’t even know the girl’s real name. All I ever knew was Coleslaw. Martell gave up his whole meal for some coleslaw. I bet you he’s still hungry.”

Martell was triggered by Heavenly’s comments. He hopped on social media to call her a “fake a*s blogger.” Plus, he’s still upset about the interview he did with her on YouTube. In his opinion, Heavenly was too hard on him. And he didn’t think the interview was fair.

However, Heavenly didn’t see what she did wrong. And she believed she had a right to hold him accountable for destroying his marriage.

It got messy, again, on “The Nightcap With Carlos King.”

Heavenly and Martell came face to face again on “The Nightcap With Carlos King.” And Carlos King asked Martell about the clip, “You obviously saw that Martell, and that’s what propelled you to call Dr. Heavenly a messy a*s blogger. What was it about that footage that made you angry?”

Martell explained why it bothered him, “I feel that if someone isn’t there to protect their image, I don’t think you should speak on that.”

And Heavenly made it clear she didn’t come up with the nickname, “I did not start that name. That’s the only name I ever heard of. However, I am a wife. That is my husband. There’s a big difference.”

Martell stood firm, “Any relationship, regardless if it’s a friendship, boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, it doesn’t matter; I feel there’s certain boundaries that outsiders shouldn’t step in.”

Heavenly then asked Martell if he has any plans to go to the next level with Arionne, “Absolutely. So you’re getting married? That’s what you’re saying? You thinking enough of this lady to make her your wife?” And Martell answered, “No, no.” So Heavenly didn’t see the issue, “Okay. Then what are we talking about then?”

After she continued to say she only used the nickname others have used, Martell threw a jab, “So you’re a little follower like a child.”

Heavenly had enough at this point, “No, no, no. I didn’t know her fricking name. That’s all. And I barely know yours.”

And Martell said, “You’ve been saying my name for quite some time.” Heavenly then shut Martell down completely, “You’re not gonna play these games with me. You called me. I didn’t even know who the h*ll you were. I knew Melody.”

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  1. I enjoyed Heavenly shutting him down left and right with ease. And should we be surprised he has no desire to marry Arionne? He called her a peasant on national television.

  2. Heavenly is someone Martell can’t handle. She drags him to his face and he can’t pull the misogynistic crap he did with Melody and Destiny because Heavenly is married and still believes in gender roles and submission. So Martell has nothing to break her down with.

  3. “You thinking enough of this lady to make her your wife?”

    “No, no.”

    Yikes. This is why I don’t understand Arionne’s anger towards Melody. Martell is the one who constantly disrespects her. But that’s the ongoing theme of LAMH. Martell disrespects the cast, they brush it off and pick a fight with Melody instead.

  4. This is why you don’t let a man play in your face. They never stop. But Arionne will drag everyone else but Martell so whatever.

  5. Im not a fan of either but im loving this. She not enough for him to make her his wife than why are they fighting about the term cole slaw?

  6. It took years for Melody to wake up. I hope Arionne does too one day. Women are so quick to tear each other down when it’s the men who caused the problems between them in the first place.

  7. Love me some Heavenly! Martell thought he was going to put her in her place but he had the right one that day. Good!

  8. You know what? I would like everyone to stop talking to or about Marty. He will not take accountability for not only what he did to Melody but what he did to his family. That’s on everything y’all. Stop giving it energy.

  9. Martell doesn’t respect Arionne or Melody so it’s laughable that he tried to fake being mad with Heavenly about the Coleslaw stuff. For crying out loud he called her a nobody and peasant on the show. He’s the last one to check someone else about being disrespectful.

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