Brandi Maxiell & Malaysia Pargo Nearly Come to Blows

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Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell’s fallout is a hot topic on “Basketball Wives.”

Basketball Wives” is back for season 10. For months now, there have been plenty of reports about explosive moments occurring during filming. It was rumored that Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey came to blows. And when Brooke was asked about this, she didn’t deny it. Interestingly enough, trailers also showed that Brooke had another messy moment with Jackie Christie. In the past, the two ladies had a physical altercation. Since the fight was never shown on the show in full, fans could only speculate about who came out on top. While it seemed as if Jackie and Brooke moved past their issues from seasons ago, apparently something else happened on the current season to make the truce void.

Another feud that viewers will see plenty of is the one between Malaysia and Brandi Maxiell. The ladies used to be best friends. However, both recently confirmed that they haven’t spoken in three years. When Brandi saw Malaysia at Jackie’s latest wedding, it went left quickly. Brandi told Malaysia her father died. Malaysia said she had no idea. However, Brandi wasn’t buying this. And she said that they have mutual friends in common. So it’s no way that Malaysia didn’t know. In her opinion, Malaysia should have reached out.

Malaysia was frustrated that Brandi wouldn’t back down from her belief. She accused Brandi of assassinating her character. And on the recent episode, she said she’s completely done. She has no interest in trying to fix their friendship.

Well, things get messier on the upcoming episode. And the former best friends nearly come to blows.

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  1. I hate that this had to happen to Malaysia. Every season someone was coming for her, spreading false rumors, all while she is doing what she can to provide for her kids and run her business. I feel like brandi storyline is dependent on Malaysia. Brandi is doing too much and being extra, as usual. If brandi really wanted to be friend, she need to take a step back and stop being selfish. Brandi needs to know people are human and go through their own things that they dont have time to catch up with everyones story. Her emotional intelligence is lacking in this situation.

  2. Brandi is making Malaysia her story line. If she said she didn’t know let it go and move on. Brandi is too needy for me. She has always been this way. Why did they bring her back? Any who people sometimes are going through their own stuff and they don’t have time to check in with people all the time, did Brandi check in on Malaysia. Friendships are 2 sided. Duffey hating but, I would beware of someone like her. Who wouldn’t wish that friendships get repaired after 15 years. I don’t think Duffey and Brandi will be friends for too long.

  3. This is why Malaysia doesn’t want to be friends with Brandi now. Brandi starts an argument every time they see each other. She’s exhausting. Instead of just telling Malaysia she missed her, she does this kind of stuff then wonders why Malaysia is done with her.

  4. I have NEVER been a fan of Brandi, however i hate seeing them beefing. Malaysia is known to go hard for her friends (too hard sometimes)…so i am really curious how their friendship has come to this BIG MESS.I hope they can at least be able to be in the same room without confrontation.

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