‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Malaysia Puts Brandi on Blast

basketball wives season 10 episode 3
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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Angel doesn’t want to give up on her relationship with Rocc. After a little time apart, they reunite. And she’s hoping that things work out because he’s her soulmate. 

Brittish is sure about moving on from her ex Lorenzo. She just wants them to have a good co-parenting relationship. It’s time for her to date other people. However, Lorenzo only gives her problems when she attempts to date. Jackie doesn’t help things after she asks Lorenzo to pop up on Brittish at Duffey’s dating event. 

Plus, Malaysia and Brandi have another heated moment. Zell’s appearance at the event leads to Malaysia putting Brandi on blast. And she exposes the root of their fallout. Turns out it was her departure from the show. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 3.”

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  1. I KNEW IT!!!!! i always figured Brandi was p-ssed that Malaysia stayed on bbw…that shows she was not a good friend…why would you want a SINGLE parent to give up her income because you decided to be disrespectful to your boss and were told to get to stepping.#badfriend #bully #aggressive #fired

  2. Well this does confirm that brandi was kicked off the show. Now I look back, brandi was being extra then with Shaunie. I knew it had to be deeper though then not reaching out about a passing. Now Brandi look even crazy by Malaysia airing out the truth. I’m sure Zell would have been happy to show the texts if no one believed Malaysia lmao! As far as zell is with Jennifer, well that’s just Zell. He is just petty and messy! Lol????????????. I do want to say congratulations to Malaysia for getting her business off the ground and being successful. I know she always wanted to do for her and had an entrepreneurial spirit since she started the show. I am sure she learned allot, good and bad, along the way! Looking at everything, I think brandi can’t stand Malaysia’s success. I am not sure what Brandi does as a hustle ????????‍♀️

  3. I knew it!! How do you as a friend expect your friend to give up her job because you got fired? you’re not being a true friend. Brandi is jealous and plays victim all the time. Why did they bring her back on the show. She’s using Malaysia as a storyline. She’s still with her cheater of a husband that repeatedly cheated. There’s no way that I would still be married to him at all. I think she’s jealous of Malaysia. I was hoping that they would repair their friendship. That’s a long time to be friends. Maybe they will make up later on, they just need to air some things out, just the two of them.

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