Melody Holt Sets the Record Straight Amid Rumors of Altercation with LaTisha Scott & Wanda

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Melody Holt’s recent Instagram Live video caused a stir on social media.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans are used to drama going down between the cast members. In fact, the current season has been full of heated moments. Melody Holt limited her screen time with Martell Holt. However, she’s had some intense moments with LaTisha Scott and Destiny Payton-Williams. As it stands, she’s not in a good place with either. And she said that she didn’t like what they said at last season’s reunion. The last straw was when she overheard them having a conversation about her. So she decided to move on from both friendships. It doesn’t seem as if she’ll be able to be cordial with them anytime soon either.

Interestingly enough, the cast is currently filming the remaining half of Season 4. And it seems as if there’s been another shift in relationships.

Martell Holt revealed recently that he’s on better terms with Melody. They have even started filming together, again. However, a ruckus took place recently. And while Melody was on Instagram Live, it seemed like an altercation occurred. Fans are thinking that Martell came to blows with Marsau Scott.

Since the footage went viral on social media, there have been a lot of rumors floating around. Some fans even suspected that Melody and LaTisha had an altercation as well. Others figured Miss Wanda put her hands on Melody.

Well, Melody gave her fans some clarity on the situation recently. And she wanted to set the record straight about a couple of things.

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  1. Why don’t they get rid of Wanda. She’s disrespectful. She has no boundaries, you don’t talk about peoples children. She is low class she is truly gutter and ignorant. Tisha is week. She let’s her mother act this way because she is spineless.

  2. People will always add hot sauce to the truth. I think Marsau and Martell were the only ones who fought. At most, a few male relatives tried to jump in to help Marsau.

  3. Like how Melody refer to her kids as the”M&M” kids. LaTisha help your mom to be a better person.

  4. Can someone get Wanda a man? She has too much time on her hands. How old is she again? She did not like it when Melody talked about Latisha’s dad so why is she talking about a child that cannot defend herself – just trifling.

    I do not think they are going to get her off the show. On the contrary, I think they are testing a Scott’s show, they are going to get rid of everyone that is not getting along with the Scotts and make them the stars of the show.

    I’m sick and tired of this show. What other shows are y’all watching coz this ain’t it for me anymore.

  5. Carlos King is trash for allowing this trashy Wanda to talk about someone kids.. It’s time to cancel this show

  6. Wanda does not want anybody talking about her grown a** child so why would think it was okay to talk about someone else’s children??? Wanda and those around her that enable her are all bottom feeders. Wanda might think it is cute walking around with that nasty a** attitude all the time but it just makes her look like a d*mn clown

  7. I find it funny that Wanda is sticking up for her grown ass child what about her grown a-s child sticking up for herself Wanda does not need to put her mouth in it she’s nasty
    She has no boundary she’s not funny she’s ghetto she is trifling and also she has a husband and a boyfriend who does that and that’s not a mother that’s a tr-mp

  8. Oh Wanda messy boots, no wonder you running Tisha life y’all some nasty MF.
    Tisha’s cousin’s have babies for Marsau before Tisha did, oh no Wanda, let’s
    talk about that tea.. Tisha nasty, Marsau nasty and you old woman is filthy, now
    that’s some piping hot tea to run around telling everyone. Tell Marsau go claim
    his children before Tisha dumb backwards arse.. She’s nasty, low down and dirty
    let’s all discuss this Wanda. This man didn’t know his son was allergic to peanut butter
    I rest my case..

  9. When this show first came on, I was excited to see successful Black couples handling their business while raising their families. Then it all seemed to go to h-ll and took on the platform of every other so-called ‘reality show.’ It became more and more like a damn sh^t show on steroids. It’s sad that the producers feel like they need to get into the gutter. If I wanted to watch gutter rats in expensive clothes espousing how well they are doing I would watch the trash on TLC or Bravo. Sad… just sad!

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