Mia Thornton Calls out Karen Huger During an Event

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Mia Thornton had some words for Karen Huger.

Mia Thornton and Karen Huger‘s friendship was discussed on the recent season of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” Wendy Osefo thought it was shady for Mia to ask for Gizelle Bryant’s number when she knew Gizelle wasn’t on good terms with Karen at the time. And Karen is the person who introduced Mia to the group. So Wendy felt like Mia should have been more loyal. Interestingly enough, Karen wasn’t sweating it. These days she’s even in a better place with Gizelle. They had an emotional moment at last season’s reunion because Gizelle was appreciative that Karen never treated Gizelle’s daughters badly despite their issues.

Interestingly enough, Karen may have not just rubbed Candiace Dillard the wrong way recently. A new clip of Mia calling out Karen in the middle of an event has caused discussions on social media.

In the video, Mia is sitting in the audience near Gizelle and Ashley Darby. While Karen is on the stage, Mia says, “No, love. I’m not upset but loyalty is everything.”

And Karen said, “It is, it is. And I am loyal to you because you say that, ‘Karen, own your sh*t.’ And I own everything and you own your sh*t. So whatever I said about you is the truth, Mia, so get over it. It’s alright.”

Mia wouldn’t back down, though, “Transparency is key. And if I tell you something, don’t run and tell these two.”

Karen went on to say she’s not perfect and will work on it.

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