LaTisha Scott Comes for Melody Holt & Her Mother Miss Vanessa

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Melody Holt’s fallout with LaTisha Scott has been a huge source of drama on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” never fails to deliver the drama each season. In fact, the current season seems to be full of ongoing feuds. LaTisha Scott and Melody Holt aren’t on speaking terms as of now. This makes it awkward when both are invited to the same events. However, Melody said the final straw was LaTisha not really trying to move forward although she seemed open to it initially. LaTisha then went on to say that Melody doesn’t know how to be a friend. When Carlos King asked Destiny Payton-Williams if this was true, she said she couldn’t speak on LaTisha and Melody’s issues. But earlier she did say that she wasn’t sure where her friendship with Melody currently stood. This is because they hadn’t spoken on the phone since they wrapped filming.

Melody would later show that she and Destiny were still in communication after they stopped filming. She did so by showing a series of their text message exchanges. Plus, Melody said she overheard LaTisha and Destiny talking about her in the hotel while they were in LA filming the reunion. So these days Melody wants nothing to do with either.

There has been a lot of back and forth between Melody and her former friends on the show, social media, and now “The Nightcap with Carlos King.”

And recently, LaTisha not only came for Melody, but she came for Miss Vanessa, too.

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  1. Man I hate to see these people tear each other to shreds like this. Carlos loves it but he should care about how this show is affecting their real lives. I had no idea the show would turn into this.

  2. Did LaTisha forget that Wanda said she has a husband and a boyfriend, and she’s trying to get with Destiny’s father, too? Let’s not go down that path LaTisha. You don’t want Wanda to be dragged the same way y’all keep dragging Miss Vanessa when she doesn’t even bother any of you.

  3. Crazy thing is Latisha and her momma are an easy read. Melody just hasn’t stooped to their level yet. But when she does, I don’t want to see them playing victim like they usually do when Melody returns their energy.

  4. LaTisha is just trying to redirect attention away from herself, her cheating husband, and ignorant-behaving mother. LaTisha needs to focus her time and energy in getting her own family matters in order first.

  5. Tisha and her Mammy better NOT play victim when Melody decides to come for them the way they always coming for her. Tisha doing everything she can to redirect all the cheating rumors about her husband but it’s not going to work because it’s already out there. She needs to use that same energy on her Mammy because she’s the one who’s going to destroy her marriage at the end.

  6. I think Latisha is pathetic. Such a wimp of a woman. She speaks dreadfully about Mel’s behavior; what about that shameful, illiterate, trouble-making mother who has to fight her battles for her?

    Destiny should just sit down and shut up with her money-grubbing self. Destiny goes where she thinks her next loan will flow.

    These two women deserve each other.

  7. I tell you i had no idea that this show would turn into S%$T Show it is now. If Latisha aint about the dumbest woman alive right behind her mama and i hate to call out my black women but gosh!!!. Her mother is the pits I’m sorry she is UGH???? instead of Latisha acting like everything is alright in Scottland focus on getting to the truth of you lying husband because hes up to something hes to good at deflecting and tisha is good at catching it. As for Ms.Vanessa that woman doesnt seem like she bothers anybody shes living her life and she seems to be unbothered, as for Melody i dont feel sorry for her or care much for her from yhe beginning she just always seemed to me like her sh-t dont stink so i never cared for her and seen some holes in the way she acts and some of her actions. In a nutshell the show has gone straight to h-ll in a hand basket

  8. All I can say once again…..CARLOS KING!!!!!!!!everything he is involved in turned to a s@%t show. It’s horrible that this show started off good and then Bam!!!!! The narrative changed for the worst. Destiny, Latisha and melody unbelievably childish. Grow ☝

  9. Hope Latisha is not too hurt when she finally learns the truth about her husband or girl is in the clouds. Her mother should really mine her own business

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