Marsau Scott Responds to Fans Boycotting LAMH Due to Miss Wanda’s Actions

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Miss Wanda has become a polarizing figure on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” cast members are having a crazy Season 4 on and off of the show. In fact, Marsau Scott and Martell Holt were hot topics on social media recently. Melody Holt hopped on Instagram Live to give her followers an update. While she was sitting in a car, she said that she and Martell were not going to let people talk about their children. She also said that someone tried to attack her from the back. Before she could really explain what she was referring to, she hopped out of the car to chase Martell down. She was trying to prevent him from getting into a physical altercation. However, she may not have been successful. And fans suspect that Martell and Marsau came to blows while the cameras were rolling.

Days prior, Miss Wanda caused a stir on social media as well. She said that Melody needs to get a DNA test for their youngest child. She’s not convinced that Martell is their daughter’s biological father. Although some fans tried to tell Miss Wanda that she was taking things way too far, she wouldn’t back down. She felt what she said was fair game because Melody had some harsh words for LaTisha Scott. And Miss Wanda believes she has a right to come for anyone who comes for LaTisha.

Marsau Scott said Miss Wanda wasn’t fired.

Well, a petition was created in response to all of the drama. Some fans want Miss Wanda removed from the show. And Martell would later tell them that they got their wish. However, Marsau clapped back. He accused Martell of having a vanity title as Executive Producer. Marsau also said that Miss Wanda will continue to film the show with him and LaTisha.

Interestingly enough, Marsau also addressed the petition as well. And he wants Miss Wanda’s critics to know he’s not worried.

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  1. It’s interesting that he seems to think people won’t ever stop watching. He should check the current ratings for other black reality shows. Ignore fan complaints long enough and they will stop watching.

  2. The arrogance is annoying. They really think this show can’t ever flop. If RHOA can flop, no show is safe.

  3. The truth of the matter is, We are sick and tired of being represented in such an IGNORANT manner! Wanda (and Latisha) for that matter, barely speak proper grammar and it only makes us look bad!

    #FIRE WANDA✊????

  4. Definitely agree Miss Wanda needs to go! Her presence and storyline is very trashy. No one’s mother should be speaking like that. She is not a draw to the show but a BIG distraction. Latisha is not much better. She seems weak to have her mom always speaking up for her. She needs to grow up and become an adult. Marsau is a sad case. I will pass on this one!

    1. Wanda is a pain in the ass she need to find something to do other than be on social media and in her daughter’s business go and get a man and get a life..she needs to be off the show..Tisha don’t know how to stand up for herself get a backbone if they feel marsau doing all this cheating get a private detective and handle your business they both annoying asf

  5. Marsau burns the candle at both ends. He claims that Wanda is bringing drama into his marriage yet he still defend her. Marsau can not be trusted. Marsau is an arrogant, cocky, rude, disrespectful, lying piece of a man. All three of them are painful to watch. Rating will drop because viewers will get tired of trying to translate Wanda’s words and sentences. What the h-ll is the meaning behind people buying shoes in a box vs not in a box??? And Latisha has to say every letter in important. I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T . they belong together. Just nuts

  6. Everyone of the 3 guys are cheaters. And the women they have cheated on need to step forward with the proof. And end all this crap now. How can these eomen be do dumb not to see what is right before their eyes? And miss wanda is nothing but a loud mouthed nasty woman just like her daughter. She can dish it out but certainly can’t take it. Poor latisha. Really. If she is that stupid to believe him , so be it.

  7. I Love Marriage And Huntsville & Ms.Wanda The Holt’s is no better keep the drama coming because you can’t teach grown peoples how to act if she go the show will be boring !And by the way they didn’t remove mom Joyce from RHOA

    1. Not surprised by your comment considering many of you don’t care to protect innocent black children. The Holts are better just for the simple fact that they have never degraded Marsau and Latisha’s children. This is the problem with black reality shows. Black people will go all the way to h-ll to entertain and even black kids will be sacrificed to entertain problematic people like you. When do we do better as a community?

      1. They ALL are messy and toxic…including Mel. Ppl act like she’s an angel. I Will continue to watch as I ALWAYS have….all the drama is done for ratings…Mel is an executive producer and drama keeps the ratings up….like Mel’s life coach SAID…shes NOT trying to make peace with the other ladies. Mel is no better than the rest. They ALL are in the same boat!!!! Mel keeps it going just like the rest of them.

        1. Post a video of Melody trashing Latisha and Marsau’s kids. I’ll wait. Until you do, I’m not interested in your lies or delusions. Use the common sense God gave you. None of these adults need to drag innocent black kids into their silly beefs. I don’t care what you watch. I’m just happy to see others have enough sense to know innocent black kids shouldn’t be dragged into silly reality television beefs. I remember when RHOA & LHHATL fans were as cocky as you. How’s that going now?

        2. Why are you misinterpreting what people are saying? I didn’t see anyone call Melody an angel. I’ve never seen anyone say she’s completely innocent and never did wrong. The topic is kids should be off limits. And Wanda goes too far with her shenanigans. This isn’t a good look for a network founded by Oprah. How did they go from Queen Sugar to college educated black people fighting and one of their mothers going in on children and encouraging fist fights? Why do the black reality shows have to be so toxic? This show was better in the beginning.

  8. I think Latisha is foolish to be okay with her mother being used and exploited for someone else’s profit. They will never make as much money as Carlos and OWN executives. And trust those in power are all laughing at Wanda, not with her. I would never allow anyone to use my mother like that.

  9. I like Latisha! She is a nice woman. Now her mother just wants Marsua to do her daughter right. I know the different areas we live in contributes to different way we speak. But that does not make we are lest intelligent and some wording is spoken quickly. If you listen we all come from different areas in this country. So whom even it is who thinks they are so intellectually inclined then go somewhere else. Knowledge is power! But some is not. The way we words are enunciated has nothing to do with intelligence. We come from all over this USA and words like car, economy, pecan, and the word important can be enunciated more or if you want including the (t)or not. I depends on where you are from. I think it was horrible for a blogger to sound so much more intelligent using this word as a go to. That whole comment was to put Latisha down. Come on now! You always speak like a person with perfect diction. Stop harassing and stop watching the program and calling for removal of Latisha and her mother. I hear well and my ears are quite good, and I know the southern diction, the foreign diction and the northern diction, and the professional diction and unprofessional diction . They are all different! So just enjoy the station or switch the program out of Huntsville because it “ain’t your program!” And just leave them alone!

  10. Please leave Ms Wanda alone. And leave Latisha alone. Who even complained about diction and said that the word important needed to enunciated all the way out to the (t) is unaware of diction in the south, the north diction, the foreign diction, the professional diction and the unprofessional diction. This the USA wording like car, pecan, economics are al enunciated differently. It the speech is so annoying you should switch the station because the program in Huntsville it “ ain’t your show!” I am tired of mean girl comments asking for Ms Wanda and Latisha should be removed. Stop! You needs to leave them alone!

  11. This is how it starts. A group of fans complain that things have gotten too dark, the producers and cast members brush it off because they think the show is too big too fail until it…fails. ????????‍♀️

  12. Idk, this show is becoming too forced and boring. Wanda does way too much. I don’t find her entertaining and I’m glad my parents respect themselves too much to embarrass themselves on TV. Wanda may not be the demise of LAMH. I think the dry storylines the cast has had for 2/3 seasons will kill it first.

  13. I’ve seen the rise and fall of Love & Hip Hop, Black Ink, ATL Housewives, Married to Med, and Basketball Wives. It would be wise for Marsau, Carlos, OWN, and everyone else involved to take this petition seriously. This show needs a better balance.

  14. This isn’t VH1, this is OWN. People who started watching LAMH during Season 1 have a valid reason for being angry about what the show has turned into. When it started, it was about black power couples working together to move their community forward through real estate and entrepreneurship. Now they are fist fighting and Wanda is the root of all of it. Considering what went down today on Twitter with Blue Ivy and Santana, I also would like someone to explain to me why grown a-s black people don’t have a problem with coming for black kids. Why is that not where we draw the line? We’re not that dysfunctional, right? Wanda needs to stop talking about these people’s kids. This isn’t the first time she’s done it. And the first time it was so disgusting and anti-black.

  15. Wanda doesn’t need to be fired. She just needs to chill out with her social media foolishness. Her actions could get someone hurt and in serious trouble. They can put on a good show without getting too nasty and involving the kids. Kids is where most people draw the line so leave them out of it.

  16. Rose and Rosalyn I do not care if Wanda or her daughter is on the show or off the show. And I understand words are spoken differently in different regions of the world, country state etc. But at the end of the day it is just a television program that I watch a bunch of people airing their dirty laundry for the world to see and opening themselves up for criticism or whatever and that is what they get paid for. I know southern dialect is different than my northern dialect but at the end of the day I am not a blogger I comment on here sometimes nothing too serious so I need you two ladies to calm down and don’t take it to serious. But I will say Wanda and her daughter still sound crazy as hell. Southern Northern where ever you are don’t get in my face talking ish to me with broken english, ebonics or whatever the hell you want to call it. Latisha and Wanda are laughable but again it is a television show. Thanks for listening ladies now calm down this is just for fun at least it is for me. ????????????

  17. And another thing Rose and Rosalyn which I know you are the same person. If you would have read my message correctly you would of noticed that I was saying that Latisha pronounces every letter in the word important. Don’t come for me until you have your facts. It is just a show. Leave the kids out of it and all is good

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