LAMH Recap: Marsau Clashes with Keke & Her Husband + LaTisha Breaks Down in Tears

LAMH Season 4 Episode 12 Recap
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Meltdowns occur on the latest, “Love and Marriage Huntsville.” On this episode, Keke and her husband stop by Wanda’s food tasting event which leads to an argument between cousins Keke and Latisha.

The family gets involved and when Marsau yells at Keke. Keke’s husband seemingly checks Marsau for how he’s speaking to her. LaTisha then breaks down crying, claiming Keke’s conspiring with Melody to ruin her marriage with the infidelity rumors.

Miss Wanda then does her best to calm down the family to no avail. After the contentious tasting, Marsau expresses frustration with how LaTisha’s family confronted him.

Meanwhile, Martell’s planning his wine event in Atlanta. And he’s inviting Marsau, Maurice, and Louis. Kimmi also does her best to convince Destiny and Melody to squash their beef.

Here’s the recap for, “What You Wanda Do About It?”

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  1. It’s so funny how Marsau got all the smoke for Keke but where was this energy for Martell or even Arionne. Martell is the one that put him all the way on blast where do you think Melody and Arionne got their information from. So how can you confront Keke but you super cool with Martell.

  2. Nah, Latisha messed up her relationship with her cousin. I would never tell my cousin’s business to an outsider like that. Then she plays victim when the energy is returned. Make it make sense.

  3. The “business” that Keke is saying LaTisha told is 4 or 5 years old and LaTisha apologized for it already. If she was still that mad with Tisha about it,surely she could have brought it up to her way before now. Why wait all these years to bring this up so you can have a storyline on a show? All these folks crazy

  4. It doesn’t matter when Latisha told her cousin’s business. She should have never did it. And since she did so and Marsau has no remorse about his role in it, they d*mn sure have no right to clutch their pearls now about what she said to Mel at the slumber party. That’s the thing. You don’t get to invalidate Keke’s feelings and then expect us to care about Latisha’s. What’s good for the goose and all that. If Keke is using the situation for a storyline, then what is Latisha doing with this Mel stuff since Mel said Marsau cheated 5 years ago! Latisha’s storyline has literally been what Mel said since season 1. So keep the same energy. Bye.

  5. I’m glad someone said it because I’m about sick of LaTisha’s sh-t too this season. Every season it’s “they’re trying to destroy my marriage” but Marsau went all the way to Africa without her a-s. Ain’t nobody trying to destroy their marriage but his a-s. I want her to find a new storyline next season. She wants loyalty from Keke she’s never given any other woman on that show and it’s exhausting. LaTisha acts like a spoiled brat. And Wanda stays coddling her delusions.

  6. I can honestly say that I was proud of Wanda. She just wanted to showcase her food without the drama. The food looked good too. I hope she gets her food truck. I hope that all the women can repair their relationships because they will need each other if everything going around is true. Martell is an a-s for telling Louis to not divulge anything to his wife. Sounds shifty to me

  7. Latisha and Marsau want to take over Mel and Martell being the lead people on the show. They do not have the personality nor the excitement in their life to do that. We all repeat stuff we shouldn’t. The answer to making sure your business is not repeated keep it to yourself. Latisha want Wanda on the show because she don’t have the backbone to stand up to Marsau. He piss in her face all the time and tell her it is rain.

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