Marlo Hampton Throws Carlos King Under the Bus While Discussing Kandi Burruss

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Things remain messy between Marlo Hampton and Kandi Burruss.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton had the fandom buzzing days ago on social media. Although both women said they squashed their Season 14 beef quickly, they are back on bad terms. Marlo didn’t like some of the comments Kandi made about her Le’Archive fashion business. When Kandi was on “Watch What Happens Live,” Andy Cohen asked her if she thought it would be a success. And if so, how successful. Kandi said 2.5. For Kandi, she just wasn’t sure if Marlo took the best approach to it being profitable. In response to this, Marlo clapped back on Twitter.

She accused Kandi of only getting 2.5 percent in royalties for songs she’s written. Marlo also said that the hits Kandi penned were in collaboration with multiple writers.

Kandi wasn’t impressed by Marlo’s response. She said it wasn’t factual.

Interestingly enough, Marlo had more to say about Kandi when she appeared on Carlos King’s podcast. And she said that Kandi needed to do more for the Black culture since she has so much money and multiple successful businesses. These comments set off Kandi. She proceeded to remind Marlo that she does a lot for black people. In fact, Marlo was someone she tried to help when she secured Marlo a television show on another network.

Turns out Marlo said much more during the interview with Carlos. She thinks Kandi needs to work harder for her RHOA check and she’s not going to give her a pass because she advocated for Marlo to be given a peach. And she said Carlos felt the same way about Kandi while he was a producer for RHOA.

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  1. Marlo so jealous of Kandi it’s sad. If Kandi getting paid more money than the other cast. That’s on the other ladies learn how do business and fix their contracts. Kandi has different incomes cause she’s a business woman. She has a business idea she go for it and that’s nothing wrong with that. Marlo trying to kiss Nene butt. Nene still feels to this day Marlo doesn’t deserve a peach. Kandi needs to treat her cast members as co workers and leave it at that.

  2. This did nothing but confirm that Marlo is jealous and Carlos really doesn’t like Kandi. His passive aggressiveness towards her is jarring.

  3. And people wonder why God continues to bless Kandi so much. She is a good person and always gives back to others. And the hate only keeps the blessings coming her way.

  4. I think this speaks to what some people in our community see as “entertainment.” Why does it always have to be negative and toxic? Kandi has actually given a lot on RHOA. Honestly, the most. We’ve seen her family life in full. Even the Block situation. Can’t say that for everyone else. We’ve seen her hustle and the inner workings of her as a businesswoman. We’ve seen Kandi date, get engaged, get married, and work through marriage problems. And we’ve seen her fall out with a best friend on this platform, too. As well as be slandered in the most extreme way. She also promotes RHOA the most. Speak On It was a genius concept. The only thing Kandi doesn’t do is fake beef with people for a storyline. I for one appreciate that. Marlo and Carlos really need to be careful about how they are moving in this universe. Everyone reaps what they sow. Carlos has become an agent of division. He’ll have to answer to that one day if he’s not careful. This right here was very nasty and spiteful.

    1. Hmm, you articulated the truth so eloquently. I have removed myself from these self demising shows and returned to scripted entertainment. Although, facets of these so called reality shows are also scripted, but at least, they are professionals who have earned the right to call themselves actors/entertainers.

  5. yessssss, Carlos King is very messy and loves to stir the pot,that’s what the network loved about him.Carlos King doesn’t or shall I say hasn’t made any show that upleft the black people,all of them are full of””DRAMA &VERY MESSY””.Here is a message to Ms.Carlos King”””CHANGE THE WAY THAT YOU””PORTRAY YOUR PEOPLE”” WE AREREADY FOR A BETTER OUTLOOK””

    1. When we change the narrative of these degrading shows????.Why do we continue to watch&complain about what is shown ????Is it that this is what you like to watch ????. Just to let you know that,they can be””REMOVED””” Once the ratings drop, they are taken off the air””YES””( all you need to do is”””STOP WATCHING””) Very Simple””????????

  6. I’m starting to see a side of Carlos I don’t care for. And Marlo is the worst kind of person. She’ll stab you in the back even if you do anything for her.

  7. This is why I was disappointed when they said Marlo got a peach. She will do anything to keep a check coming in from Bravo. No morals whatsoever. And that’s the last thing RHOA needed. Her jealousy of Kandi is really showing.

  8. Yeah, I don’t like Marlo. She always seemed so mean and disloyal to me. Please believe she’d cross Nene too if she thought it would benefit her.

  9. I told y’all a lot of people are very jealous of Kandi. They want her bank account and net worth but they don’t have the business acumen or work ethic to attain it. So they hate and poke at her for a reaction. When she drags Marlo at the reunion, Marlo better not play victim like she usually does.

  10. The reason Kandi is the focus this season because the Producers don’t have a storyline for the 3 hoodrats. This show RHOA is old just like these women hitting 50 hard is too d-mn old constantly insulting each other. Don’t Sheree, Marlo and Kenya see that they are closing of RHOA. NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH PRE SENIORS FIGHT ???? ????????????????

  11. Marlo shouldn’t have a peach anyway…ijs…wow!!! the lies the lies..we’ve all seen what kandi does and have done for people…she doesn’t brag about it ..or false flag…I think she is the epitome of a BOSS fr fr …I hope she keep doing her…÷×@! The haters..carlis king a messsssy mofo..ijs✌

  12. Mario does not deserve a peach. all she wants to do is stab everyone in the back lie to everyone’s face, try to act like Nene, keeps trouble going nothing positive. She should be on love and hip-hop

  13. I think Marlo deserves a peach she plays her part very well, as far as Kandi is concerned she has sat back and taken it easy and still got paid, turn up the heat

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