‘Basketball Wives’ Stars Jackie Christie & DJ Duffey Bring Angel Brinks to Tears

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Angel Brinks has opened up about her issues with Roccstar.

Basketball Wives” fans had a lot to say about the recent episode. Angel Brinks’ relationship was front and center. She admitted to DJ Duffey that she hadn’t yet told her mother that she is expecting a child with Roccstar. In a green screen interview, Duffey said she’s wondering if Angel has an issue coming clean because of who she’s having the child with. They had already had previous conversations in which Angel said that she had been frustrated by Roccstar. When they get into disagreements, he talks to her in a way that she’s not okay with. So this causes tension in their relationship.

Angel came clean to her mother about the pregnancy ahead of the gender reveal. Her mother wasn’t thrilled. She doesn’t know Roccstar that well. Plus, she worries that another child on top of Angel’s successful career could cause a lot of stress.

To make matters worse, Roccstar had people thinking he was proposing. However, the ring he gifted Angel was instead her third promise ring. This moment was a bit embarrassing. And the other cast members wondered why Roccstar didn’t just pop the question if they have already gone through two other promise rings.

Well, Angel’s relationship will once again be at the forefront on the upcoming episode. And during one conversation, Jackie Christie and Duffey bring Angel to tears.

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  1. Why is Jackie still on this show? She needs to find herself some new friends as she’s far too old for this group. Angel is upset cause they’re talking about her relationship & Jackie got the nerve to try & justify it. I cannot stand her, never could.

  2. Angel knows she’s not happy but she doesn’t want to leave Roccstar so she deflects to the other women. Her issue is with him. Not them. I don’t know any woman who’d be happy with a man who will talk to women any kind of way and buys promise rings instead of proposing.

  3. I bet she will keep her mouth closed from now on. I never tell my friends the bad about my relationship or my Mother neither. Because they will start to dislike him while you’re still in love with him. Women need to stop telling people their business.

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