‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Roccstar Comes for Duffey + Angel Clashes with Jackie

basketball wives season 10 episode 5
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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Angel’s relationship becomes somewhat of a hot topic in the group. Duffey tells Jackie that Angel was disappointed that Roccstar gave her another promise ring instead of proposing at the gender reveal. Jackie repeats this to Angel and Roccstar. Roccstar feels like Duffey was being messy. He then tells Jackie that he has information on Duffey that would result in Iman leaving her. So Duffey needs to tread lightly. 

Angel becomes frustrated by the other women discussing her relationship. This leads to a blowup at Brandi’s event, and Jackie becomes upset because she feels like she looks like the bad guy in the situation. And she wasn’t being messy. She genuinely supports Roc and Angel’s relationship. 

However, the last straw for Angel was Jennifer admitting that Jackie also told her that Angel wasn’t happy about the lack of a proposal. So Angel leaves. And Jackie later tells Duffey about Roccstar’s clap back. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 5.”

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  1. Jackie is too darn old to be on the shoShe really messy as sh-t. She should have kept her mouth close about angel and her man. She needs to worry about Doug and hope he ain’t d-cking some other woman down in scaremento

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