Melody Holt Responds After LAMH Fans Ask If She Got Back Together with Martell Holt

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Melody Holt and Martell Holt are on much better terms.

Love & Marriage: Hunstville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt’s divorce was very ugly. The couple’s marriage fell apart due to Martell’s infidelities. Although it seemed as if they had gotten past it, Melody figured Martell was cheating during the beginning of the pandemic. She noticed he left the house often. And this was during their family’s quarantine. So she pulled the trigger on the divorce. Not too long after, Martell told her his longtime mistress was pregnant. This only made the tension between Melody and Martell worse. Co-parenting became a very messy situation for the former couple. Of course, fans have watched them struggle to get along while raising their children together on the show.

On the current season, Melody has refused to film with Martell. She said it had become too toxic for them to film together. This didn’t sit well with Martell. And he said that Melody’s choice to not film with him and cut off all communication was too extreme.

So it seemed as if there was a slim chance of Martell and Melody getting to a better place in their co-parenting relationship.

Well, things have since improved. In fact, Martell told his social media followers that he’s been getting along with Melody these days. Plus, they have been filming scenes together for the second half of Season 4. Melody also had Martell’s back when he reportedly got into an altercation with Marsau Scott. So some fans have been wondering if the former couple may have gotten back together.

Melody took the time to let fans know where she really stands with Martell recently.

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  1. I’m glad to see them having a good and healthy co parenting relationship. I really hope it stays that way because it’s best for their children. Seeing them going back and forth arguing all the time was hurting the kids more than them. Im happy for them both. I’m glad their not back together, Martell really need to work on himself first.

  2. Mel will never go back to Martell! I think once a child was in them mix that was it for her. I think they’re best apart. Mel will find love again and so will Martell. Martell needs to work on him self before he gets into another relationship. I knew Mel was still hurt and not over it, that’s why they always argued and what he said bothered her. Because baby when you’re over a person nothing they do or say will bother you, trust me. Mel was hurt and understandably and it takes time to get over that kind of hurt. I can’t wait til she has a man and watch how Martell is going to act. Especially when he has his kids and they’re constantly telling him how much they like Mommy new boyfriend.. I can’t wait for that moment.

  3. I am so glad they have come to a good place for the children. Mel live your life and continue to be a mom to your children and continue co parenting with Martell in a civil way. So glad the arguing and heated words are going away. Martell and Mel are better this way. You can give a person so many changes and Martell got his so now he is where he needs to be a hoe in the streets. Telling it like it is. I had one and did just what Mel did.

  4. They were such a beautiful couple but it’s for the best that they stay apart. I’m happy they are in a better place though. I’m sure their beautiful children love to see them getting along.

  5. I’m surprised this was even a question for anybody. Melody said a side baby was a deal breaker for her. But I’m here for them coparenting peacefully.

  6. I’m so glad they ate communicating. People always assume stuff SHM. I see so any comments down talking Martell but must forgetting Melody not a saint either. So, is ok for them to just be cool and co-parenting it’s good for the kids and their mental health. It takes to much time and energy to keep dealing with BS and arguing while others sit back like they sh-t don’t stank and laugh and them acting a d-mn fool. I’m also SUPER they finally got in the Scotts a-s and checked their a-s special mess petty Wanda.

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