Ashley Silva and DJ Quick Silva Clap Back When LAMH Fans Call LAMDC Boring

Ashley Silva Love and Marriage DC
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“Love and Marriage: DC” sets out to be its own show.

OWN’s newest show, “Love and Marriage DC” showcases the return of Chris and Monique Samuels to reality TV after their controversial departure from “The Real Housewives of Potomac.”

With LAMDC, Monique Samuels is in the center of a friend group in the DC social circle. So far in the season, her friends Ashley Silva and Erana Tyler clashed with Winter Williams. The source of the tension was a dinner party Monique hosted where Winter’s pending divorce from Kevin Williams was a topic of discussion.

Winter didn’t like the criticisms Ashley threw out about her and Kevin where she called them scammers and refuted claims that Winter didn’t know about Kevin living with his mom.

In a preview for this week’s episode, Ashley and Quick Silva get annoyed when Monique makes Ashley’s tension with Winter the topic of another discussion during dinner.

Additionally, Ashley and Quick addressed criticisms of their show being called “boring.” In the process, the “Love and Marriage Huntsville” show caught some strays as Ashley explained why the LAMDC cast doesn’t want to be like LAMH.

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  1. I do not find the show boring at all. Im intriqued as i know for a fact that other DMV natives are to peer into the lives of these faceted personalities. Erana’s husband is straight up DC born and bred and Quick aint far behind. These characters grew up in this area with the exception of Monique who had enough style and savvy to make it work for her. Im expecting the show to only get better and no crazy momma wandas to show up. This aint the south…we roll a little different here.

  2. Didn’t the M2M LA cast say the same thing? And we know how that turned out. Say what you want but people watch reality shows for scandals and mess. They don’t watch for wholesomeness.

  3. The DMV is just as ratchet as the south. So I don’t I understand the air of pretentiousness. No, y’all don’t move differently. So stop lying to yourselves. And last time I checked, Ashley was trying to fist fight on the show. This show is no better than the Huntsville one. They aren’t boring. They just don’t have the it factor. People only gave it a shot because of Monique.

    1. Young rich black people need to stay off reality TV. Cause it pays I guess they can’t help it but to do it. I could b wrong but I don’t think they’re not even 55 yrs old. Why throw all ya social business out there especially when it is negative. Wearing top line clothes, on TV cussing, and ready to fight. We haven’t learn ****. Shame History repeats itself everysingle day, Most are in competition, I got a better ride/ house/ yard/ clothes/ ink on the body Stupid ****. Some 4got where they came from. Line of thinking is on how they look period. It’s how and why the devil is kicked out of heaven. He became consume by his beauty which he was God’s masterpiece of angels. He got cast out. There 2 women on the show and most USA females are spoiled to the core and unfortunately ungreatful.

  4. The lack of side babies doesn’t make this show any better than Huntsville. This is their first season and already I’ve seen two black women up in each other’s faces and trying to fight. If I’m not mistaken, Ashley was one of the women involved. Carlos King is their EP. He’ll make sure everyone on this show is involved in mess by the second season. Check his resume. These people didn’t do their homework and they have no idea who they’re dealing with.

  5. Yeah no shade but 50% of viewers are watching because of Monique and sis left RHOP because she popped Candiace upside the head a few times. That was a huge scandal. The other 50% are watching because they love LAMH and expect the same kind of drama. I suggest these people be humble and not try to throw shade one season in. It’s not a good look.

  6. I think people underestimate the star power of the Huntsville cast. The Holts and Miss Wanda for sure are always trending and being discussed by all the blogs constantly. Latisha and Marsau have also become fascinating to people because people want to know if Marsau is cheating. Like it or not, yes, these things draw people to the Huntsville show.

  7. Ashley & DJ Silva definitely give off messy vibes to me & act as if they are the sh-t & better than all the other couples on the show. 🤨

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