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‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Duffey & Angel Hash Things Out

basketball wives season 10 episode 7

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Duffey and Angel talk things out.

Duffey hangs out with Jackie and Malaysia. She plans to celebrate her birthday in Vegas very soon. And she wants all of the ladies to join her. Although Malaysia is struggling to just be cordial with Brandi, she refuses to let their feud ruin a good time. 

Brandi FaceTimes Jason. She confirms her doctor was concerned that ovarian cancer could have returned. Although blood work doesn’t confirm this, a hysterectomy needs to seriously be considered. 

Angel and Duffey hash things out. Duffey says Roccstar’s threat to hurt her relationship didn’t sit well with her. Angel explains that Roccstar is very protective and he was upset their relationship was being talked about. Regardless, Angel and Duffey agree to move forward. They won’t let the issue hurt their friendship. 

The ladies head to Las Vegas.

Brooke spends some time with her adult children. She’s happy when her daughter tells her she’s cool with Brooke and her husband giving IVF another try.

Angel recaps the recent conversation she had with Duffey to Roccstar. He confirms that he’s no longer mad at Duffey. He’s in agreement that they should just all move forward. Roccstar also isn’t convinced that it’s safe for Angel to go to Vegas for Duffey’s birthday festivities. 

Regardless, Angel proceeds to join the women in Vegas. And the private jet trip is a great start to what could be an epic trip. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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