‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Alum Akbar V. is Dragged by Cardi B

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Drama isn’t something Akbar V. fears.

Akbar V. is no stranger to controversies and public feuds. In fact, she stayed in drama while she was on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” LHHATL fans remember that before she got on the show, Akbar’s feud with Tommie Lee was a hot topic on social media. Although Tommie left the show before their beef could play out on television, their issues lingered anyway. They ended up coming face to face on Zeus Network’s “The Conversation.” At the time, Akbar wanted Tommie and other people to see how much she’s changed over the years. She said she wasn’t there to be violent. But she would go there if Tommie chose to take it there with her first.

The sitdown with Tommie and Akbar was a mess. They weren’t able to talk about much before it got explosive. Security restrained them and Akbar said she wanted those who watched to see that she was not the issue anymore. She planned to really hash things out with Tommie. But she would match the energy if Tommie’s only desire was to fist fight.

Well, Akbar is a hot topic on social media again. This time she’s been exchanging jabs with rapper and “Love And Hip Hop New York” alum Cardi B. Cardi didn’t hold back either.

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  1. Why does Akbar feel the need to fight Nicki’s battles? She isn’t smart. She could be spending her energy trying to become a successful rapper but she prefers to do…this. These adults prefer to entertain the peanut gallery instead of grind and focus on their careers. Weird. And Cardi is too successful to care about Nicki, her stans, and her puppets. Let them hate. They can’t stop her success so why argue?

  2. Akbar isn’t wise enough to realize Nicki is using her to do her dirty work. And the moment she does decide to stop picking fights on Nicki’s behalf, Nicki will cut her off and sic her rabid stans on her. It always plays out this way.

  3. Someone needs to tell Akbar that kissing Nicki’s a-s won’t make her a successful rapper. Makes more sense to focus on herself and stay out a beef that has nothing to do with her.

  4. I’m pretty sure this was the reason why Nicki put Akbar on that remix. She knew Akbar would be weak enough to take that as a reason to join Nicki’s cult. It will take about two decades for people to finally realize how manipulative and nasty Nicki is. Although some are seeing it now.

  5. Female rap can’t move forward until the fear of Nicki and the Barbs is addressed. I used to like Nicki a lot. I see her for who she really is now.

  6. Why are black artists always encouraged to fight with each other like this? It’s so low vibrational. There’s room for multiple people to succeed. These beefs are so lame and low key anti black. And it’s really sad that Akbar has no idea she is a stereotype.

    1. Because part of systemic racism is convincing black people that there can only be a small amount of successful black people. So people start trying to destroy each other to be one of the successful ones. And if they do succeed, they try to ruin whoever comes after them. It’s the crab in a barrel situation. Nicki wanted to be the only successful female rapper. Now she is using people like Akbar and her fan base to ruin people like Cardi, Meg, etc. Cardi should have ignored Akbar. The best revenge is success. Screw a clap back.

      1. Exactly 💯💯💯💯 I just feel sorry for the lady!!! Why is she coming at Cardi?!… Just pure foolishness and she was the one to fall for it!! Doing anything for attention…Sad

      2. This is exactly what’s going on and it’s why I’m no longer a Nicki fan. I can’t rock with any black person who doesn’t want other black people to succeed. Something is very wrong with that. This desire to be the only visible black person in certain spaces is something I’ll never support.

        1. That’s why it’s laughable when Nicki’s stans try to pull the “protect black women” card for Nicki. The majority of people Nicki comes for are black women. She doesn’t care about other black women, only herself which is why she doesn’t want anyone else to be successful. They want us to hate Cardi because she’s not black but I remember it was Nicki who made a song calling black women nappy head h*es. And it’s Nicki who is always dragging other black women because she’s miserable, mean, and insecure. I also hated how she treated Candiace at the RHOP reunion. She tried really hard to downplay Candiace’s success with her first album. All of a sudden doing well on iTunes wasn’t impressive to Nicki but she and her stans make it a big deal anytime she’s doing well on iTunes. Whatever.

          1. “They want us to hate Cardi because she’s not black”

            Is that not racism? How weird. It’s not an either or situation. We aren’t required to like any of these people. Music is personal and subjective. I prefer Cardi’s music over Nicki’s. Telling black people we can only like black artists is ignorant and racist. I don’t even know Nicki personally to be loyal. Stan culture is weird enough on its own so it’s no need to try to force black women to like an artist. Whew the ignorance and entitlement of the barbs never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Akbar is so exhausting. She’s constantly saying how much she’s changed but the truth is she likes drama and dysfunction more than making music.

  8. At what age do these grown a-s women get tired of this? They really fight with each other while the fans egg them on eating popcorn. Artists should be able to make music and avoid petty a-s beefs. Rap is so toxic. The male artists are preyed on and killed at high rates. They can’t even get chicken and waffles in peace or give back to their communities without being killed. And the female rappers just sit and fight with each other because they don’t understand the concept of unity like female rappers did back in the day. It’s so corny to me. Nicki is loving all of the division, I’m sure. She’s a very mean spirited and divisive person.

  9. You don’t make someone else’s issues your own when that person won’t do the same for you. Akbar has a lot to learn.

  10. Akbar needs to stop coming for people because she’s an EASY read. Nicki is too now which is why she prefers to stick to subs and not be direct with her tweets/lyrics. She hasn’t been the same since Remy demolished her with Shether. I want Cardi to stop arguing with these people. It’s a waste of time. They are all just mad she achieved success Nicki never did with just one album. It really has to burn Akbar to see Cardi leave love & hip hop and succeed the way she has. No one thought that kind of success was possible for Cardi but Cardi always believed in herself. I respect that.

  11. The people in these comments are so hypocritical smh. In one sentence blaming Nicki for the actions of other grown women but hush when it comes to all the women who ganged up on Nicki on behalf of Cardi. They both mean and divisive but I get it. The funny looking insecure light skin gets all the sympathy because y’all are so envious of a black women when she’s beautiful and gifted in her craft. Cardi isn’t more successful than Nicki but y’all won’t give Nicki her credit because black women are so hateful towards each other. But go head, uplift sympathy and payola and keep tearing down another black woman… hypocritical

  12. Nicki is evil and divisive. Always has been. Some of her stans are just as evil. Nicki has never uplifted black women. She called us nappy headed and said we need perms, she sabotages other black women behind the scenes, then she sends her evil fan base to stalk, harass, and try to physically harm whatever black woman she hates that particular month. She was straight up evil to laugh at Garcelle’s black son being targeted by racists. She was straight up evil to mock Meg about her mom dying. She started this mess with Cardi and then tried to play victim. She lied on her husband’s rape victim and said she was a white woman lying on a defenseless black man. Demonic! I may not be a Cardi stan (too old to stan anybody), but I’ll take her over Nicki any day of the week. And don’t forget the evil she did to Kim. I don’t support problematic, and evil black people. Period! Some black people are toxic and are not owed support. Great comments!

  13. I’ma keep supporting Cardi since I’ve seen her look out more for black women than Nicki. All skin folk ain’t kin folk. And Akbar is another one who can’t seem to get along with any black woman ever. She’ll fall out with Nicki soon enough. Just wait on it.

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